Yahoo! Search Marketing Using Favicons

Yahoo! just launched a new test program that may (or may not) place your website’s favicon next to your Yahoo! Search Marketing ad. If you’re not familiar with favicons, they’re little images that appear the tabs next the page title in Firefox or next to a site listed in your bookmarks. Here’s the official word from Yahoo!:

Yahoo! recently launched a test that may place your web site’s “favicon” image in your Sponsored Search ad. Favicons are images displayed next to the address field in the web browser when users visit your site. The test is designed to help deliver more clicks to your site and provide a better search experience for your users.

This test is a part of our continuing effort to provide you with valuable Sponsored Search traffic. We believe that adding favicons to your Sponsored Search ads can help increase that value.

This test began May 6 and will last indefinitely. There is no additional charge to you for this test. You simply need to make sure that your “favicon.ico” file remains on your web server—and continue to bid on your own brand or company name keywords—to potentially be eligible for this test or future enhancements.

It took us a bit to hunt down an ad that uses a favicon, but we found one. This is an example of an ad using a Favicon for Mozilla in Yahoo! Search Marketing.


This could be very valuable to all you marketers out there! The distinction of a favicon next to your ad could influence click through rates. This is something you want to jump on fast as soon you could very well get lost in the masses of favicons.

If you don’t have a favicon for you site, contact SageRock and we can help you get one. We’re nice like that.

Image courtesy of i’m george via Flickr.

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