Why Marketing Your Airport Matters

This very well might be an obvious question. But there are possibly some aspects to this that you haven’t considered.

First, all businesses need to understand that we are living in a very turbulent time for business. So many of the rules of business have changed:

  • Mite no longer makes right. The small guy and even the single customer can significantly eat into a large brand’s market-share.  Social media and Google are primarily responsible for that change.
  • Consumers are open to anything and everything. Airbnb is a compelling alternative to standard hotels. And Megabus is a cheap express travel solution. I have a friend who often will travel from upstate New York to southern Ohio by finding a ride on Craigslist. It’s possible you might think these are distasteful solutions. But I assure you, many people would disagree with you. Your competition is no longer just another airport. It is buses, trains and individuals with a space in their car.
  • You can’t simply buy ad space on a couple TV stations and the major newspaper in your town and be done with it. Your customers are incredibly fragmented. They are on their smartphones and tablets. They are watching TV on Netflix and Hulu. They are spending a huge amount of time on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. They are increasingly everywhere other than the places they used to be.
  • Consumers are fluid with their preferred channels of entertainment and information gathering. Pinterest is now considered the fastest site to 10 million users. Before that it was Google+. Instagram was just released for Android a few days ago. It reached 1 million users in 12 hours. Consumers “get” this stuff very quickly. You have to get it just as fast. They expect you to be there.

But while that’s all mind-blowing and dizzying, you actually have a larger problem: You have to compete for your own name!

Look at this:

I’ve done 3 random searches here for names of large airports. I’ve then pointed to all the advertisement that are not the airport.

It is perfectly acceptable for these people to be doing this.

Not one of these airports appears to be buying their own name… their most valuable branding asset. But as you can see, others are doing just that.

Above all else, you never want to lose a visitor that typed in your airport name. But I assure you it is happening all the time.

Companies that disregard all these Internet channels are losing money. There is always another company that is willing to be agile and fast to pick up the pieces you chose to disregard.

The good news is: None of this is as difficult as it all seems. We’ll move through all these different channels so you can start to put together your online marketing strategy for your airport.

See you next time!

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