Using Google Trends for SEO

Did you get your HP Touchpad for $99?

I think I did.

Or maybe I got 40 of them. I’m not really sure. I had to reload the hp store shopping cart endless times to try to get through the checkout process.

While I was waiting trying to find a magical window of time where their site wasn’t completely overwhelmed with like-minded greedy vultures, I wrote a blog post about getting an hp TouchPad for $99.

If you haven’t heard, hp is discontinuing the TouchPad after a month of disappointing sales.

It is also in the top 5 list of hot searches at Google Trends.

If you have a blog post coming up but you can’t think of anything to write about, going to Google Trends is a great place to be inspired for content ideas.

You stand a good chance of coming up for these very hot phrases.

The “secret” is to use the exact phrase that appears in Google Trends in your blog title and the body copy.

Keep an open mind about how to incorporate these topics into your particular niche. It can take a little creativity. But you can do it.

This approach is often a nice way to get a little extra traffic coming into your site from the search engines.

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  1. I thought you might like to see the traffic, by keyword, I got so far for my hp tablet page:
    Keyword Visits
    touchpad availability 10
    hp touchpad availability 8
    hp touchpad 5
    touchpad 4
    office depot hp touchpad 2
    anyone able to buy touchpad from hp 1
    check hp touchpad availability 1
    columbus ohio hp touchpad office depot 1
    deal of the century hp touchpad 1
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    get touchpad for 99$ 1
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    hp deal of the century 1
    hp touchpad $99 1
    hp touchpad $99 availability 1
    hp touchpad 99 1
    hp touchpad availability for 99 1
    hp touchpad available 1
    hp touchpad deal 99 1
    hp touchpad notification 1
    hp touchpad notification sign up 1
    hp touchpad notify 1
    hp touchpad review 1
    hp touchpad sandusky ohio 1
    link to hp touchpad 1
    ordered my hp touchpad 1
    sign up for e-mail notification when hp touchpad 1
    touchpad anger 1
    touchpad available at 1
    touchpad notification 1
    where to find hp touchpad sunday 1
    where to get hptouchpad 1

    Not too shabby for a quick midnight post 🙂

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