Top Content Winner For April 2009

We have a little contest going here at SageRock. It’s for whoever can drive the most traffic to the SageRock Blog in a single day with their blog post.



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The winner that blew everyone out of the water in April was Brian with: Increase Web Traffic: Part 1 of 4.

On April 10 he got 419 views. The next closest day was the following day, April 11 where he got 280 views for the same piece.

It was clearly the month of Brian. He got it because he networked with one of his favorite blogs and asked them for the link. Maybe he can post more about exactly how it all went down in either the comments here or in a new post.

But congratulations Brian. That’s some amazing work!

Here is the complete month’s top content winners by day. ( The number to the right of the article is the number of views for the day and the name of the person is the person who wrote the article.)

4/1/2009    /blog/sages-cleveland-state-evaluation/    43    Sage
4/2/2009    /blog/twitter-and-the-job-search/    20    Sage
4/3/2009    /blog/social-media-becomes-coras-playground/    24    Kate
4/4/2009    /blog/winning-hearts-minds-social-media-power/    8    Greg
4/5/2009    /blog/do-long-tail-keywords-convert-better/    4    Nate
4/6/2009    /blog/writing-styles-define-your-business/    18    Joanna
4/7/2009    /blog/writing-styles-define-your-business/    12    Joanna
4/8/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-2-of-4/    16    Brian
4/9/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-2-of-4/    20    Brian
4/10/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    419    Brian
4/11/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    280    Brian
4/12/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    104    Brian
4/13/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    201    Brian
4/14/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    198    Brian
4/15/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    48    Brian
4/16/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    37    Brian
4/17/2009    /blog/sagerock-and-our-google-reps/    34    Sage
4/18/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    22    Brian
4/19/2009    /blog/writing-styles-define-your-business/    6    Joanna
4/20/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-1/    22    Brian
4/21/2009    /blog/lunch-with-sage/    54    Sage
4/22/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-3-of-4/    34    Brian
4/23/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-3-of-4/    22    Brian
4/24/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-3-of-4/    116    Brian
4/25/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-3-of-4/    8    Brian
4/26/2009    /blog/increase-web-traffic-part-3-of-4/    24    Brian
4/27/2009    /blog/what-only-the-ceo-can-do-hbr-article/    22    Sage
4/28/2009    /blog/social-media-seo/    71    Rocky
4/29/2009    /blog/sagerock-2009-marketing-plan/    82    Sage
4/30/2009    /blog/sagerock-2009-marketing-plan/    33    Sage

Photo from: Winner on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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