Title Tag and Meta Description Length for Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask

Whether you’re a beginner in SEO or a seasoned pro, it’s important to keep up on how your pages will be displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) across each engine. Every engine displays your page differently and depending on what you are trying to target there are different approaches to optimizing by engine. This article is not to tell you how to optimize your pages, it is merely to give you the current character count that is displayed for the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com

A few years ago (2004), Yahoo would display up to 120 characters in the Title Tag. Can you believe it? So much has changed since then. Earlier this year, we had MSN. Now we have Bing. Do you know the proper meta description length displayed in Bing? You’re about to..


Google Title Length and Meta Description Length


Google shows 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for Page Title.

Google shows 156 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description.

It should also be known that if you don’t include a Meta Description or if Google feels a better description for your page could be given by using a web snippet, then the description shown can be up to 320 characters. Of course, they won’t be the characters that you choose so they might not best represent what you wish your audience to see in the SERP’s.


Yahoo Title Length and Meta Description Length

Yahoo Title Description Length

Though I couldn’t find an official number from Yahoo, I have seen that

Yahoo shows up to 72 Characters (Including Spaces) for a Page Title. (PDF’s up to 75 characters)

Yahoo shows up to 161 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description.


Bing Title Length and Meta Description Length

According to the Bing Webmaster Blog:

Bing shows 65 Characters (Including Spaces) for a Page Title Tag.

Bing shows up to 150 Characters (Including Spaces) for Meta Description Tag.

However, as you can see in the example above, Bing will readily show 69 characters for the Title Tag and up to 185 for the description.


Ask.com Title Length and Meta Description Length

Ask shows 69 Characters (Including Spaces) for an SEO Page Title.

I’ve never seen Ask.com use the meta description tag for it’s results. Instead it pulls a snippet of text from the page and can commonly display around 312 characters for a description.


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  1. Hey guys, glad you liked the article. Lee, I hadn’t seen your tool before now. I did use the tool over at seomofo.com though to make my first example. It appears to do the same thing.

  2. Nice page to bookmark for quick reference.

    RE: 69 Characters for Google Title Tag

    I believe the caveat to achieving a complete 69 character listing is to ensure your title actually ends at 69 characters, otherwise it will become truncated.

    Perhaps this is a coincidence, but it also seems that each 69 character listings I’ve seen include a period as the 69th character. As such, I have always tried to create 68 character titles.

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  4. Good call Eric. Personally I always shoot for 65 characters max for Title and 150 characters maximum for Description. That way I’m short, to the point and will show for all engines.

  5. Google will display up to 70 characters without truncating. Look at the Discover Card listing when you search for ‘credit cards.

  6. Good info. I prefer to keep my titles around 65-70 characters, and I try to keep my meta descriptions under 250 characters. With the meta description, it is important to make the first 150 characters are very impactful, but if you’re showing up for a long-tail search Google may display as many as 275 characters!

  7. Thanks for the info, I thought G still had 65/150 as a maximum.
    Will rewrite some tags to fit an extra keyword in…

  8. Thank you for such a well put together post. Everything I was looking for was nicely put together in one place and was very easy to understand.

    Do anyone have an idea how often they change these limits or if they change them?

  9. Thank you for the compliments and I’m glad that you found the post helpful. In regards to how often they change? I honestly can’t say. Each engine is unique and they are always experimenting with displaying information in different ways.

    For example, as Jacob noted above, your description can show as many as 275 characters in long-tail queries in Google currently. Who’s to say when that will change. As for the next change I’d expect to see, perhaps Yahoo’s limits might change when their search results start being served up by Microsoft Bing.

  10. What do the top 3 search engines like to see for the Keyword Meta Tag?

  11. In firefox, it shows much long for titles of web pages.

    How should we do then?

  12. I found Google displaying Title with 71 Characters and Description with 220 Characters

    Check Google.com with Keyword – longest Google title character length

    Title:What is the Maximum Character Length for a URL that Google Will Index? (71 Characters)

    Description: The question in question is already mentioned in the title and h1 of this …. Fortunately, these character length restrictions rely on the value of the …. The longest functional URL that Google will crawl and index is (220 Characters)

  13. I came across 78 Character Title in Google

    Check Google.com with Keyword – longest Google title character length Google Book

    Refer Page 7

    Title:Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models – Google Books Result (78 Characters)

  14. @Richard Williams – Interesting finds! I wouldn’t count that 78 Character Title you found as such though. I would count that as 56 since the ” – Google Books Result” is appended by Google and merely to clarify the listing. Cheers!

  15. @Greg

    I read full post & get info regarding length of Title tag & Meta description. But, I have problem with my Title tag display in Yahoo. Yahoo search is not displaying my Title tag during web search listing. Yahoo search shows me my domain name instead of Title tag. Other side, Google & Bing is displaying my Title tag. So, How can I solve out this kind of issue. I have not submitted my website to Dmoz.

  16. Thanks for compiling all of them in one post. The screenshots are especially helpful.

  17. Thanks for the detailed post, I knew the limits were roughly around the sixty something and 150 something but this is just what I was looking for. Will be really interesting to see if longer examples keep popping up and if someone can work out the exact situations when they are allowed or disallowed.


  18. I am wondering if the title must be shorter than 78 or 71 characters…

  19. @SOC if you are still having this problem, feel free to email me with the URL in question and I’ll gladly take a look at it.

    @orkutscraps There is no point to having your title that long. Shorten it to keyword rich title in the appropriate title length.

    @kim I would keep your title length at 65 characters or less for maximum compatibility across the engines.

  20. yes, thanks, that has made things a lot clearer.. clear info and good SEO on your site, it came right up as first entry on Google!

  21. I personally like phone numbers in the description for local businesses. Any thoughts?

  22. @Paul — I think that’s an excellent idea especially if you are a local business. Several devices and pieces of software (including the iPhone & Skype) will turn the phone number in a meta description into a link that can be dialed when clicked. The caveat for most places would be that they will lose sight of where the click or call may have come from or gone to. If you set up a unique call tracking phone number for this purpose, you will get some attribution which will definitely help in understanding how your marketing dollars are best spent as well as letting you know how beneficial it is for you to have a phone number in the meta-description.

  23. Is the title length limit just aesthetics? In other words, does Google only display a title up to 69 characters but it indexes a longer length? I am fairly certain that when my title is longer, it still ranked better for all keywords including titles that do not display entirely because of the limit. (I could be wrong)

    Sorry if I missed the answer somewhere on this page.

  24. @Rudy – Great question. There has been quite a bit of testing on this over the years and the answer seems to change all the time. Back in May of 2010 tests were showing that Google would index 84 characters. A little over 1 week later (and the most recent testing I’ve encountered), a test was conducted to see how many characters in a Title tag does Google index. That test, from June of 2010, showed that Google was indexing upwards of 213 characters.

  25. Fantastic information. I just ran one of those free website title, description, and meta tag tests and it showed problems with my website in nearly every area. I fixed it according to what the test recommended. Then of course, I decided to hunt down the information on the internet. Now I’m good for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Thank You!!!

  26. This is really cool. I just quoted it on SEOChat forums too. Good to know how the different search engines treat your site!

  27. Amazing post with good example.A lot of tutorials are on the web for SEO.But Only one of them are trustworthy.This post is really useful and clearing all the doubts which a SEO beginner have about the meta description tag.

  28. I used an SEO tool call attracta and it did say that some of my pages were too long for title tag, one example was this one which was 75 characters long.

    BLOGOOLA – All the blogs shared from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia!
    on this page: blogoola.com/australia/queensland/sunshine-coast/

    Should I be reducing this to 65 maximum so that google with index the page?

    Thanks for your help.

  29. Thanks for sharing the information about title tag and meta description.
    Nowadays google is not considering metakeywords.

  30. hmmm well done informative and interesting post about title tag and meta description + SEO. thanks a lot for your unique info.

  31. Exactly what I was looking for. Even though I work with websites on a regular basis I wasn’t exactly sure what the figures were.

    Carefully crafting your description and title with so few characters is difficult but well worth the time. I actually managed to boost my uniques by around 20% on one of my sites last week with no change in SERPS!

  32. It was a great information about meta tag handling for each search engines. Thanks you..

  33. I agree with Right Click, spending the time to fine tune your meta description tags — while not helping with SEO rankings — could help a lot with your click thru rate.

    Thank you for sharing your analyzation of all the 4 major search engines’ meta tag handling.

  34. Title and meta description is an important part of SEO. So if we follow the above mentioned information it will be very nice….

  35. I am just looking for meta tags length for my new website and found your blog on google it’s really very helpful Thanks

  36. It took me a little while to scroll from top to bottom. Interesting.
    Mr. Greg – Thanks for the suggestion and sharing the information.
    is it ok to go ahead for
    Title: 65-69 or ??
    Description: 150-230 or ??
    Keywords: ??

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Thanks for taking the time! Although as a rule I tend to err on the low side of length for Titles, Descriptions, etc.. There is evidence to suggest that you can go farther without harm and perhaps even benefit. Just be mindful of where each of these meta tags stop displaying on the SERPs.

  38. @Richard

    The best way to check the Max Length of Title and Meta Description is SERP of respective search engines….

  39. you got your meta description down to a tea, other wise I would not have read your post :). Just one thing, is it better to leave the description longer to create some interest for people to visit your site to get the rest of the sentence.
    Thanks for an informative post.

  40. So if my title is like: “kw1 kw2 kw3 kw4 kw5” and my site ranks ok for searching “kw1 kw2” I will improve my rankings for the previous search phrase removing the last 3 keywords for the title (having the title “kw1 kw2”)? Thank you.

  41. Sometimes trying to decide the title length for each major search engine is like trying to hit a moving target. I really appreciate the work you have put into this and your thoughtfulness to share. Where I would normally get confused is at what point will the search engines begin to truncate the last word. Many Thanks!

  42. I love it when Google takes you to a blog that has just the answer you are looking for. I’m optimizing my meta description now and making it keyword friendly, and now the correct length too. Thanks

  43. Fantastic info mate! Just finished aligning and cleaning my webpage code from unneeded meta’s and scripts. Was wondering (forgot) about the limit for the title tag (for Google and Bing). Helped me a lot!

  44. Do you have stats that show how many characters Google web bot will read for “indexing” – not convinced that what “displays” for a title in a browser would be the same amount of characters picked up by a bot for search indexing. Thx.

  45. It’s a really great information. Before I was confused, now I’m confirmed.

  46. Do spaces count as characters or only actual text?

  47. Spaces count as characters in dealing with title tag and decsription length for all the search engines.

  48. Thanks! This is just the info I needed. Can we get a yearly update though?

  49. @Cheryl – Glad you found this helpful. Been meaning to do a yearly update for a while now but keep forgetting. I’ll see if I can find some time 🙂

  50. Thank you for this information.
    Description is very important, not only for SE, but for web surfers to make a choice on SERPS.

  51. Thanks for this info.
    I knew about Google but not about Bing and Yahoo

  52. Hello Greg!

    Thank you for researching this. Anyone else notice that seomofo’s snippet no longer displays correctly? (It used to say SEO written in w’s)


    My guess is meta description length has been shortened… again. Jerks…

    Any thoughts?

    ~Alexander Pokorny

  53. @alexander I hadn’t noticed that but it does not display correctly anymore. It appears that the length of the description tag is shortened for the #1 spot to around 93 characters when that result has sitelinks displaying. The new expanded sitelinks, give much more real estate to a prominent #1 organic listing as they also add descriptions below each page title. In the remainder of the SERP’s a “normal” listing still gets the longer meta-description.

    Hope this helps!

  54. One of the basic things that should be observed in on-page optimization is about how search engines show the title and description snippet on web result. This will help you a lot in order to rank and as well influence the user to click on your website. Always appreciate informative posts like this. Thank you for putting it up.

  55. Wonderful summary so I know exactly how much space I have for these key SEO tags. Each time I upgrade to a new theme, I have to re-learn

  56. I was looking for the google description length, but glad to find out about Yahoo and Bing too. Let’s not forget them!

  57. I think every one generally optimizes for Google and forget about the others. When i was reviewing my meta description tag I could remember how many characters i had to use. Reading your site it got me thinking about bing. Allthough most of my traffic comes from google and directories, bing does send me some traffic and I should probably pay more attention to getting more traffic from a better listing on bing search results. i dont think many people search with ask these days, maybe years ago – ask jeeves !

  58. Thanks Greg for sharing a valuable information about meta tags, but google not indexing 60 characters title which kept it for my website it is indexing only 56 characters is there any recent changes happen in google algorithm?

  59. Thanks Greg laying out this information, doing a search on this subject, finding your article, was certainly not disappointed, getting much more info than seeking. Concentrating on Google’s algo, some say 70, 69 makes perfect sense too.
    However, what I am seeing is some title tags showing much shorter than that, while others on same pg showing full length. Could you please respond, if aware of these inconsistencies, keeping title tags below the 69 character mark? Have title 62, but G is only showing 51, while others on same pg showing full 69. Tks! Cal

  60. Thanks, I was looking for this, I think I will go for google counts, but I will try to keep it in line with the others, I might get some traffic that way. Thanks for the post.

  61. I think google recently changed it to 67 characters, must of only just happened.
    All my titles that conformed before are cut off and have ….. after them.
    Time to change the titles I guess

  62. in some of the article i read lately , there is 65 for meta title . which one is right ?

  63. Steven, in my checks today I am seeing title tags displaying up to 70 characters. You can always go for less though and 65 is a fine number.

  64. Now I have 69 characters in my title tag. It’s not fully displayed not only in Google SERP. It’s not displayed by Yahoo either (72 characters allowed). This title was pointed to me by professional SEO company.

  65. I was told by SEO company that the title length limitation for Google is set in pixels – 512 px. Is it truth?

  66. Thanks mate, I think I’ve looked this info up about a hundred times now and somehow I think I’m gonna have to keep looking it up still…

  67. Ha! I know exactly how you feel and actually, that was the reason for me writing this article in the first place 😉

  68. Brilliant Post.Now I understand the importance of Description for Google. Thanks for the Informative article.

  69. Now a days a SEO is the important for each and every websites because through which they make they website at top of the list

  70. Really great post. I was really confused on up to what amount I will put in the Description tag. Thanks for the post.

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