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In any advertising campaign, you want a clear picture of your targeted demographic group. That strategy holds true within the confines of social media, where numerous social groups exist for which you may alter your marketing message. These groups include the tweens, mommy bloggers, Gen Y’s, Gen X’s, Baby Boomers, seniors, and the list goes on.

My focus today is the mommy blogger. “Why?” you may ask. I find them to be one of the most influential groups in social media, that’s why. They’re popular, vocal, and their opinions seem to matter even to those not in the mommy blogger circle.

Who is the Mommy Blogger?

She’s typically a woman who does not work or works part-time inside or outside the home; sometimes full-time inside the home; her children are most frequently under 10 years of age; she generally blogs about daily life occurrences and activities with or for her children; most of her blogging time is spent discussing motherhood and its trials and tribulations; she also often reviews or blogs about products she uses. In fact, in a study conducted last year by BabyCenter and the Keller Fay Group, 60% of conversations held online by mommy bloggers include a mention of brands or products.

Why is she important?

She’s important because she garners a lot of attention from her readers. Her readers often feel connected to her, a sort of acquaintance or friendship through reading her daily blog posts. So when she offers her opinion on something, it is like one of your close friends or relatives offering their opinion to you on a good or service. The followers of mommy bloggers aren’t exclusively other mommy bloggers, either; they include members of other online social groups, especially the Gen X and Gen Y group. We still relate with these women as they are peers, so their opinions matter to us.

Mommy bloggers also carry strong public sway. A group of mommy bloggers, now deemed The Motrin Moms, made news in November 2008 after Motrin ran a commercial that insinuated carrying babies was a fashion choice. In the span of a weekend, the commercial ignited a fire storm among mommy bloggers on Twitter, causing Motrin to ultimately pull the commercial and offer an apology.

So keep in mind, when planning your social media campaign, which social groups you want to target with your campaign, and realize that sometimes their reach is even farther then you imagined.

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