Social media consulting for a 30 to lifer

This is maybe the most unusual consulting job I’ve ever had.

I have been contacted by a guy who is doing 30 to life. He’s writing a book and needs a social media plan.

There is one problem: (ha! 1 problem) he has no access to the internet. All of his correspondences to me are through hand-written letters. He decorates each letter sometimes with crayon designs.

He’s one of these genious people that never really was a great fit for society. He’s very smart and his book is very good.

I’m not going to go into the details here. But the book would likely be very contraversial because of his crime and the topic of the book. It would be a powerful social media center.

I have several questions that come up here:
Should I get involved? I’m obsessed with my work. I wouldn’t be condoning his previous actions. But the work is incredibly interesting. Just the same, is there a reason I’m not thinking of that should preclude me from getting involved?

How do I manage engagement with a person who can’t access the Internet? I’m thinking a blog would be best for him. His correspondences could be scanned and then maybe transcribed.

The immediacy of social media would not exist in his scenario. It’s possible people would lose interest as we wait for his response.

I’m interested in this because it would likely be a really good topic for the social media world. Emotional topics are ideal for getting engagement. I’m pretty sure this is as emotional as it gets.

If you have thoughts on all this please let me know.

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