Search Engine Marketing News – May 11, 2009

Here’s the latest news that came across my desk. Enjoy!

Twitter Gives TinyURL the Big Boot

The more likely reason that bit.y gets this honor is that it is backed by startup accelerator Betaworks which can also count other Twitter related and owned companies like Summize among its lineup. Also, two early Twitter investors, Chris Sacca and Ron Conway are backers. I am pretty sure that anyone can connect the dots on this one.

Nielsen Data Shows Continued Influence of Moms Online – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Nielsen defines “Power Moms” as women aged 25-54 with at least one child. These women represent almost 20% of the online population.

Favicons Coming to a Yahoo Search Ad Near You!

Don’t go rushing to YSM to activate your own favicon. Yahoo is appears to be running the test with just a small set of well known brands–which likely isn’t your company.

Microsoft to Become “More Disruptive in Search”

“We’ll try some new products that are going to be a disaster,” he said, pointing to Microsoft Bob as the canonical example from the company’s past. “It wasn’t terrible . . . it flopped miserably, but I am glad we did it.”

If Ballmer stays true to his word, this should be an exciting year for Microsoft—let’s just hope they start getting a few more ideas that stick.

Google’s Call Tracking & Free 800#s Discontinued

Call reporting numbers are being discontinued in AdWords Business Pages on or shortly after May 5, 2009.

So if you have been using these toll-free numbers, make sure to swap them out to new numbers.

Are You Breaking the Law with Social Media Marketing?

As Sarah and Rand pointed out, most SMM is perfectly okay. It’s only when we start to pose as consumers while trying to generate buzz, leads and sales for our clients that we run into serious ethics problems—and now the law.

Search Giants Encounter Challenges in Mobile Ad Market

For Glu, Google and Yahoo took a back seat to three little-known companies: Jumptap, AdMob and Millennial Media. They all operate their own ad networks — broker and place ads — on mobile devices.

The Life and Times of AdMob » Blog Archive » Publishers Get a 35% Bonus in May

Between May 4 and May 18, AdMob is giving our publishers an extra incentive to advertise their site on other sites in our network of more than 7,000 mobile Web sites.

CEO’s and Twitter

BusinessWeek is reporting on over 50 CEO’s that are usingboardroom Twitter to some degree or another. Last August the magazine covered just 18 folks of this ilk but apparently there is a lot more to choose from these days.

Google Creeps Toward 73% of US Searches in April – MarketingVOX

During the same period in April, Yahoo Search, MSN Search and received 16.27%, 5.68% and 3.95% of searches, respectively. The remaining 49 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.36% of US searches.

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