Search Engine Marketing News – March 16, 2009

Here’s the latest search engine marketing news that I thought you might find interesting.

E-Mail Marketing Has Marketer’s Attention, What About Yours?

The biggest reasons subscribers choose to opt-out of permission email continue to be lack of relevance (cited by 75%), followed closely by sending too frequently (73%)

Hulu Wants To ‘Friend’ You, Launches Social Net |

The NBCU/News Corp (NYSE: NWS). video site is adding a social network, called Hulu Friends, joining its smaller rivals CBS’ and Joost, the WSJ reports. Users will be able to create their own profiles, which Hulu believes will encourage more sharing of its videos. Whether that will lead to significantly more viewing—and more advertising revenue in turn—is an open question.

AdAge’s Michael Learmonth points out, citing unreleased figures from Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus, traffic on Hulu rose 33 percent last month thanks to its Super Bowl ad, making it the number two video site after YouTube.

Microsoft Bottoms Out in Search Race

It appears that Microsoft’s share is at a 12 month low

Overall the number of total searches grew by 32% which is a considerable number and only attests to the continuing importance of search to marketers during these uncertain times.

Microsoft adCenter Analytics to Go the Way of the Condor

Generally when you tell folks that you are pulling the plug on the way that they track their ad campaigns and advise them to pull off all data by the end of the year AND give no clear path for what the future holds you would be hard pressed to label it a success.

Hitwise Report Details Downstream Visits from Twitter – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Interestingly enough, people go to Google and Facebook from Twitter. Here’s the data from February 2009:

Yahoo! Search Blog » Blog Archive » Embed Videos, Games, and Docs the Easy Way with SearchMonkey

if you have a flash video, game, or document (like a presentation or spreadsheet) embedded on a page, adding a few lines of code will make it appear as an enhanced result after we recrawl your page. Very little semantic markup knowledge is required, and you don’t have to build your own application. SearchMonkey does the heavy lifting

Official Google Checkout Blog

Google Checkout’s transaction processing fees will transition to a new tiered fee structure, where the rates will vary depending on a merchant’s monthly sales processed through Checkout. For more details about the pricing changes, please visit our U.S. fees page and our U.K. fees page.

Google Launching GrandCentral As Google Voice – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

“one phone number for all your phones for life”

The newly launched product will enable people to choose who’s number gets forwarded to your cell phone or to voice mail. International calls will be for a small fee.

An interesting feature not offered by Skype is the ability to have your voicemail transcribed. The transcriptions can then be searched

Skype on the Block?

Back in 2005 ebay bought Skype for $2.5 billion (with a b) and they simply have not seen the return and synergies that were anticipated. CEO John Donohue even went so far to say that “We were wrong” on the projected impact and value.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Update to DirectAds – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

# More pricing options for more cost-effective advertising Pay-per-click has been added as an option, and cost per impression (CPM) will still remain an option.

Google Gets Into Behavioral Targeting, Launches “Interest-Based Advertising” Beta

The nice thing about this ad solution is that the end user has control over what ads they want to see. At the section, a user can add or remove interest categories to fine tune the ads they see, or they can completely opt out of these tailored ads

MediaPost Publications Fortune 500 Companies Fall Flat On Millions Paid For Keywords 03/11/2009

Fortune 500 companies spend $51 million per day in aggregate on 88,792 keywords–yet only 20.82% rank in the top 100 of natural search results, according to a report from Conductor that analyzes paid and organic search strategies of Fortune 500 companies.

Facebook Referring More Traffic to (Some) Big Sites than Google – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Facebook sees about 1/3 of the U.S. traffic that Google does. So, it’s surprising to see this trend happen so soon.

Most SEM Companies Are Weathering Recession Just Fine

Late last week, I polled our readers, asking them how are you weathering the recession. As it turns out, most SEM and SEO companies are saying, they are doing just fine. In fact, most said they have seen a recent spike in sales leads with a recent spike in actual sales.

Matt Dickman on Digital Marketing and Social Media: The age of Facebook vs. MySpace: February/March edition

MySpace down overall; Facebook over 50 booming; Facebook overtakes MySpace in the 31-50 populations

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  1. Interesting about Skype. I was at the gym, watching Oprah on the treadmill, when Ryan Seacrest came to her “Live from Skype” for a video interview. That seemed like some crazy mainstream posturing.

  2. I thought that one was interesting too. I always get a little concerned whenever one of my favorite tools goes up on the chopping block. You never know what might happen.

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