Search Engine Marketing News – July 13, 2009

Here are the latest search marketing headlines that really jumped out at me over the last week.

There seemed to be a lot of stats out last week. As a general rule, they were really good for online marketing and really bad for offline marketing.


Rosetta Stone Suing Google Over Advertisers’ Trademark Use –

Rosetta Stone, the Arlington language-learning software firm, said yesterday it has filed a lawsuit against Google for trademark infringement, alleging the Internet search giant allowed other companies to use Rosetta Stone’s trademark brand for online advertisements without permission.

“Google and its advertisers benefit financially from and trade off the goodwill and reputation of Rosetta Stone without incurring the substantial expense that Rosetta Stone has incurred in building up its popularity, name recognition and brand loyalty,” Michael Wu, general counsel of Rosetta Stone, said in a statement.

MediaPost Publications Facebook Sued For Click Fraud 07/10/2009

RootZoo said in its complaint that it asked Facebook for its log files and a refund, and that Facebook refused to comply with either request.

Google Adds Images Next to Maps in Location-Based Universal Search Results – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Now, next to the map included at the top of the search results are images.

YouTube – United Breaks Guitars

In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago.

Bing Toolbox

The Toolbox is an organized set of tools for the entire Bing™ community. It’s a one-stop portal to all of the services you need to drive traffic and increase engagement with your site and applications.

Bing’s Search Engine Share on the Rise, Has a Long Way to Go – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Bing saw growth every week in the month of June.

StumbleUpon’s is Now Available to All; Update SU, Twitter and Facebook Simultaneously – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Last month, StumbleUpon unveiled, a tool that shortens URLs but also enables the submission of links to StumbleUpon while also offering the option to simultaneous update Twitter and Facebook.

Social Network Ad Spend to Dip in 2009, Pick Back Up in 2010 – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

They attribute the decline to difficulties over at MySpace, as they try to maintain a presence in a niche being taken over by Facebook and the yet-to-be monetized Twitter.

SEO Company Caught By Client Using Google Support Forums

A tip to you SEOs out there. If you are asking for advice in a public forum, please be more discrete. Use URL shortening services, to mask the URL and be upfront with those helping you that you don’t want the client to know you are asking for advice. But more importantly, do not say you think the site is doomed. But even more importantly, above that, if you think the site is doomed and you can’t fix it, don’t charge the client money when you think you can’t help – that just seems ethically wrong.

The Secret ‘Profits’ Of YouTube | Techdirt

McMahon also believes that by keeping quiet about YouTube’s hidden benefits and by allowing the misconception of it as a deeply unprofitable business to circulate, things work very nicely in Google’s favour when it comes to negotiating with copyright holders in the world of TV, movies and music.

Google LatLong: Help customers find their way with new Google Maps gadget

This simple gadget allows webmasters to add customized Google Maps directions to their business locations. With the directions gadget, you no longer need to type and update multiple sets of text directions. Let’s face it: customers are only looking for directions from their specific location.

Smaller Newspapers Have Fared Better Than The Big Boys

One major reason for the little guys still holding some ground is the classifieds.

Search Marketing Spend to Double & Take 59% Share of Online Marketing Budgets!

In fact, a whopping 60% of marketers plan to take money away from traditional marketing and spend it on interactive ads instead.

And, if you’re a search marketer, Forrester has great news for you! As much as 59% of that interactive spend will go towards SEO and PPC, with both niches likely to double in size over the next 5 years!

Christian Science Monitor Nominates Twitter For Nobel Peace Prize – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

“Without Twitter, the world might have known little more than a losing candidate accusing the powers that be of alleged fraud. Without Twitter, the people of Iran would not have felt empowered and confident to stand up for freedom and democracy. They did so because they knew the world was watching. With Twitter, they now shout hope with a passion and dedication that resonates not just with those on their street, but with millions across the globe.”

Of CMOs Cutting Ad Budgets: 67% Reduce Traditional, 47% Increase Social Media Spend

While 7% of CMOs plan to spend less on social media, 47% plan on increasing their spend in this area! The same goes for web site development, online advertising, and email marketing–all seeing more budget increases than decreases.

The Young Bail on Facebook, but Over 55s Soar 500% and Bring Their Checkbooks!

iStrategyLabs spent the last six months collecting user demographic data and discovered the number of users over the age of 55 soared from 1 million to nearly 6 million. During the same 6 month period, high school and college users dropped by as much as 22%!

Online Ad Spending Going Up; The Rest Not So Much

The agency estimates that Internet ad spending will expand 10.1% in 2009, an increase of more than 1.5 percentage points over its last forecast in April.

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