Search Engine Marketing News – April 27, 2009

Here is the Web marketing news from the past week that I feel was most important to know:

Corporate Blogs and ‘Tweets’ Must Keep SEC in Mind –

The growing Twitter audience also attracted the attention of eBay’s lawyers, who last month required Mr. Brewer-Hay to include regulatory disclaimers with certain posts. Some followers think the tougher oversight is squelching Mr. Brewer-Hay’s spontaneous, informal style.

Google Banning AdSense Publishers For Not Updating Privacy Policies?

Ever since May 2008, when Google began supporting third-party cookies as part of the DoubleClick acquisition, Google has been asking AdSense publishers to update their privacy policies to include language that third-party cookies are in fact utilized. Then, more recently, Google started behavioral targeting ads and asked publishers again to update their privacy policies.

Switching things around

Note: changing your IP address, webhost, domain name, blog template, and blog version all at the same time is the exact opposite of what you should normally do. It’s better to change only one thing at a time so that if something goes horribly wrong, you can trace what caused it.

Also, if you were truly moving a site, a 302 redirect wouldn’t be the right redirect to use–a 301 (permanent) redirect would be better. But if I like these changes, I might migrate to TigerTech and then migrate my blog from back to So I’ll stick with a 302 for now.

Forrester Predicts Huge Growth for Social Media Marketing

The bottom line is that social media and mobile will be the hottest, but just about everything will see an upward trend.

UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report | Survey Reports | Market Data | Reports | Econsultancy

Search engine optimisation is the area where companies are most likely to be investing more money, with 55% of respondents expecting an increase in their budget.

Microsoft’s Online Advertising Revenue Drops 16%, Time to Give Up?

Perhaps even more significant is the 16% decline in online advertising revenue (just $521 million) with its overall online services posting a loss of $575 million.

GeoCities Given Pink Slip by Yahoo

GeoCities’ traffic has been falling over the past year. According to ComScore, GeoCities unique visitors in the U.S. fell 24 percent in March to 11.5 million unique visitors from 15.1 million in March of 2008. Back in October, 2006, it had 18.9 million uniques.

FeedBurner Makes the Jump to the Google Mothership

Today, redirects (with masking) to and gives the Google login:

Click Fraud Rate Drops 20%, But Gets More Sophisticated

One new type of fraud discovered this quarter was perpetrated by malicious scripts that execute when a visitor views a web page disguised as relevant content or search results. The script initiates “Zero-iframe” or off-screen clicks that route the visitor session through an alias referrer website, and on to unsuspecting advertisers who pay for the phantom click. All this occurs transparently to the offending site’s visitor; they never see the ad or visit the advertiser, and their computer is not infected with any type of malware or botnet.

Optimizing Sites For Search Engines For 10 Years

Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Daron Babin, Greg Boser (I better stop naming names before I insult people) were part of the first wave – people who were in the industry before it may have been known as SEO.

[I like this story because Rocky and I too started in 1999. And Greg Boser was the person that year that gave us enough business to be able to start on our own.]

Microsoft To Open adCenter Content Ads As Public Beta

Microsoft will be announcing at adTech San Francisco today that they are opening up ContentAds (also may be known as PubCenter) as a public beta. ContentAds is Microsoft’s competing Google AdSense product.

An open beta means that virtually anyone should be able to sign up for the product and test it against Google AdSense. It is also rumored that Microsoft will set up a companion blog for the ContentAds (PubCenter) today, April 22nd.

Google Analytics Now in New Flavors

For example, you could build your own custom interface that integrates with your existing CRM software. Not quite that sophisticated? Well, you may be interested in trying new ways to access Google Analytics, via third-party developers.

Yahoo (YHOO) Reports 1st Quarter 2009 Earnings

Yahoo! Inc. today reported revenues of $1,580 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2009, a decrease of 13 percent from the first quarter of 2008.

Hoping To Improve People Search, Google Launches “Profile Results”

Don’t go looking on your profile page for the option on how to verify your name. It’s not there. Instead, to have a verified name, you need to enroll in the Google Knol service and verify your name there (see Google Knol – Google’s Play To Aggregate Knowledge Pages). If you’ve done that, you get a verified name. If not, you don’t.

It turns out that vanity URL must be the same as your Gmail address. In other words, whatever your address is on Gmail, that’s going to be your address in your vanity URL. If my Gmail address began emperorzorg, then I’d have a vanity URL that looked like this:

See and customize your profile.

Here’s mine:

ABCSearch Acquires and Rebrands as – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Privately-held paid search company ABCSearch, Internext Media Corp. company, has acquired They will rebrand under the name, which will serve a larger online advertising solution including PPC, contextual advertising, and display ads.

It’s About Time for Time Ad Network

Apparently though they are a little bit behind the curve with competitors like Martha Stewart, Living Omnimedia and Conde Nast already in the game. Difference being with those groups is that they use outside partners to accomplish what Time is doing in house.

Advertise or Publish for Brand Awareness?

A report from eMarketer shows that Internet users are more likely to act on brand mentions when reading about it in content form rather than advertising form. Launches Ad Network to Reach In-Market Buyers – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW) is announcing the launch of AutoTrader Acccess, a new online advertising network designed to help advertisers reach in-market buyers. sees 15 million unique visitors a year. Their new Acces network can target buers by demographic, behavioral, and geographic characteristics. Access will aggregate a portfolio of sites which gives advertisers the ability to make one media buy across multiple publishers.

Photo from: Quoted in Buffalo News about the local citizen journalism phenomenon on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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  1. I don’t know what I find more stunning, the fact that GeoCities still gets 11 million uniques a month or the fact that GeoCities still exists, period. Anyone want to start a webring? 😉

  2. I love that ABCSearch has abandoned all efforts to Brand themselves as something for the search user. Uh, what’s the POINT of advertising at, exactly? I think they should have gone with Ah, nevermind, it’s taken.

  3. You guys are hilarious! You need to add “witty repartee” to your list of superhero skills in your Google profile.

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