SageRock does site for Jamie Johns – Milwaukee pianist

This is a website that we did for Jamie Johns. He is a pianist from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

He hired SageRock to create a basic website that gave good information about him and also was highly search engine friendly.

With his website he is able to update content as often as he would like. And he is also able to stream audio files of performances that he has done.

Because of his website he has been able to become the centralized resource for piano players throughout the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

Jamie Johns Milwaukee pianist
Jamie Johns needed a basic Web site for his piano playing business. He also had a high priority of ranking well for his targeted key phrases. He is now becoming the place to go to find pianists in Milwaukee.


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  1. Very nice website. Excellent work! I think Jamie will receive a lot of attention with it, and with SageRock’s help.

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