Privacy in a transparent world

I just finished reading this story:  Florida fire captain: Trayvon died because of ‘sh*tbag… welfare dependent’ parents | The Raw Story

I’d recommend reading it primarily because it poses a uniquely 20teens issue.

10 years ago this guy would have said this exact thing in a bar and it would have been done.

I used to serve a cop in my bar. This conversation would have been a mild bitch session for him.

I’m not here to debate whether what he said was right or wrong. That conversation is raging on the site above.

My question is: Are we all entering a dangerous slippery slope if we approve of prosecuting distasteful social media comments?

Couldn’t it be very likely that a raging racist could still be a good public servant that protected everyone equally even though he may not like the person personally?

Couldn’t this be like a Minority Report-type preemptive prosecution? Protecting us from something that may happen in the future?

Possibly he needs sensitivity training. Or maybe a social media class.

But penalizing him for his opinions seems risky for all of us.

I mean this would be “dangerous” for anyone who deals with low income families. Welfare workers, low rent landlords, grocery clerks. Who is immune from getting fired for saying this?

What if you say this at a bar and your friend posts it to Facebook quoting you? Wouldn’t you still be at risk?

This is a bigger issue for all of us than it seems on its face.

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