PR Miller Rocking the SageRock World

PR Miller Flower Installation at SageRock 15 Broad St. Akron Ohio
PR Miller Flower Installation at SageRock 15 Broad St. Akron Ohio

I am so unbelievably happy to announce that the SageRock building has its first outdoor installation – A flower from PR Miller.

PR Miller is a highly regarded local artist that has many impressive installations throughout Akron.

Here is a frog he built for the Akron Highland Square Library:

PR Miller Frog at Highland Square Library

PR, “The Grizzled Wizard” is prolific. He has work all through Akron and is highly regarded by some of the largest corporations within the city.

His home and yard is a packed museum/studio of his work over the years.

SageRock originally won a PR Miller piece at a charity auction for Spring Garden Waldorf School, an Akron-area private school. We then supplemented the rest to purchase this flower.

Everyone at SageRock loves PR Miller. Just being around him moves you to another world. He transforms your perceptions. That’s what all great artists strive to do, I think. He does it dramatically.

PR Miller is a recycling artist. He takes things that other people think are junk and turns them into art. It’s a really relevant form of art in the world today. Much of what he finds is local. He then transforms it and brings it back into the community in a whole new form.

This kind of art lets you look at your world in a more open, curious way. Where does being useful truly end? What is junk?

I think it’s not hard to extend this concept to people.  When do you stop being useful? When are you thrown away? Or when do you throw yourself away? What if you were transformed into art? Maybe the corporate world doesn’t want you anymore (or you don’t want it). But that doesn’t mean you are “junk.” In fact, what if your original highest use in traditional society was actually just the beginning of your life? What if you were thrown out of society and then transformed into a flower or a frog? Good art is wonderful that way. It lets you ask questions you never even dreamed of asking.

That’s why I love art. If I can understand just a little bit where the artist is coming from then I can take it from there. I can start asking questions from that perspective. Good art lets me think differently, wider, bigger.

We love our flower, PR! And we’re already talking about what our next PR Miller piece will be.

Thank you!

PR Miller and Sage Lewis
PR Miller and Sage Lewis



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