Online Marketing: A Declining Industry

Honestly, I’m not sure online marketing ever became a legitimate industry. That’s a story for another time.

But whatever the case, one thing is certain. Online, organic marketing is likely not only at its peak, it’s probably on its way down.

The specific areas I’m talking about are SEO and social media.

This fact is easy to defend in the SEO industry. Everybody and their brother says they do SEO. This has over-saturated the market. And over-saturated it with charlatans.

The customer can’t confidently hire a reputable firm. And on top of that Google has done an effective job of complicating the SEO process.

It is not difficult to see that fewer companies are hiring SEO companies than they once did. Looking back, I can see that the SEO peak was before the recession. 2006 – 2007.

Social media’s decline is not as apparent. But I still believe it is happening. People still are confused by it. But their interest is waning. Most companies can’t make it work. It has become over-saturated by business. In short, there are very few brands people want to follow on social media.

The final frontier now is using influencers to push your product. This too runs the risk of getting over-saturated.

All this said, SEO and social media continue to be highly effective. It’s just that the value of these things has plummeted in the business world.

I believe the answer is using these skills for your own businesses. If you want to continue to focus on these skills my recommendation is to use them in separate businesses that are not selling digital marketing.

If you want to continue to sell online services to businesses my recommendation is to move into web development. There is still a high level of need for these services. And the current provider market is not particularly effective. You then can sell SEO and social media services on top of the web development services.

The only exception to this rule that I see is blog writing. Business continue to look for this service.

I just would not recommend anyone start a business right now in offering digital marketing service for the most part. It’s a fools game at this point.

  • Start an Amazon store.
  • Sell products from Alibaba
  • Sell affiliate products

Use your digital marketing skills in those areas. You will likely increase your chances of succeeding.

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