My Content Marketing Strategy For 2017

In general, my strategy for content is to put all of my content on a blog that is on a domain I own. So not Tumblr, for example. 
I do that so I can always be in control of the content. There is no guarantee any of these third party hosts will stick around. We have plenty of examples where they have been shut down. 

So I write on a blog like this and then link to the content from social media. 

This has been my strategy for some time. 

But I’ve recently added a couple new additions to this strategy. 

I now am trying to link to everything I create on my personal blog, This might not be a necessary step for you if you only write on one blog. But then again you probably should be thinking about writing on other people’s blogs at least occasionally. It will really expand your reach quickly. 

I do this so if someone wants to see everything I write they will have a single place to go. These are ultimate fans. If a person wants to see everything you are doing they are extremely important to you. 

Next, you will see that all of my blogs now have ads in them. I’m using a WordPress plugin called Advanced Ads. It places my ads automatically within my content. That way each blog post has a very clear call to action. 

So many people blog just to blog. They hope, I guess, that someone will read something on their blog and just naturally put the pieces together. 

“Oh look! These people do xyz. That’s exactly what I was looking for right before I found this extremely fascinating article.” That doesn’t happen. 

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve got going in my blogging strategy. 

I will add this, however, I’m thinking about becoming a publisher of sorts. I believe the real money comes from owning the audience. It’s the Facebook strategy, after all. 

So I’ve been experimenting with creating new sites. But that’s a story for another time. 

Maybe this will give you a little inspiration for your own content strategy. 

If you want to discuss your content strategy come on over to the SageRock Small Business Facebook Group. (I’ve been using these groups to build t wo way discussions. They are critical to evolving your relationship with your audience. But again, that’s a story for another time.)

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