Key Phrases Related to Airports

So, making sure you come up for your airport name and when someone is searching for airports that reside near you is very important.

But you should also be aware that there are a ton of phrases that people are searching on that maybe you haven’t thought of.

I’ve been doing some general key phrase research on airports and the phrases people search on when thinking about airports.

What I can tell you is this: there is almost an endless array of phrases and there is a surprising amount of traffic.

I also have some demographic data for you.

First, based on the Microsoft Ad Intelligence tool here is what I found out about people who search the word “airport”:

Percentage of searchers by age:

  • 13-17 = 2.73%
  • 18-24 = 16.01%
  • 25-34 = 26.01%
  • 35-49 = 28.56%
  • 50-64 = 16.82%
  • 65+ = 9.41%

Percentage of searchers by gender:

  • Female: 51.17%
  • Male: 48.83%

These numbers don’t surprise me. Nor do they suggest you might be able to target in particularly unique ways based on age or gender. But, just the same, it’s good information to have.

I have hundreds of related airport phrases. But here are the top 50 most searched phrases having to do with airports:

airlines at
flight and
flights to the
in air flights
or airports
heathrow to
airlines that fly to
parking in the airport
parking at airport
parking for airport
parking at the airport
airport parking airport
about airport parking
airport parking at
airport parking
parking airport
parking in airport
on airport parking
airport hotel
airport hotels
international air
airport shuttle
airport transportation
airport car parking
air port parking
airport transfer
airport car park
airlines flying to
airport car rental
airport code
airport codes
airport transfers
airport car hire
city airport
airport transport
airport extreme
airport taxi
taxi to airport
taxi airport
airport car rentals
where is heathrow airport
to heathrow airport
airport flight
air port transportation
cargo by air
airport jobs
newark airport
airport flights

These phrases could be very useful to you. Simply add your city or airport name to the phrase and there you go: a phrase you could easily optimize for that is generating traffic.

I like this phrase: “heathrow to”

If Heathrow flies into your aiport you would definitely want to consider having a page on your site talking all about that.

I also like: “airlines that fly to”.

This also could be interesting. “We have airlines that fly to Las Vegas.”

By understanding the phrases people are searching on you can develop an entire content strategy around these topics.

Next up: I want to start looking at how some airports might be using paid search to gather traffic. There are cool tools out there that let me spy on all your paid search behavior 🙂

So that should be fun.

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