Why I’ve Chosen To Make The SageRock Institute Online Marketing Courses Free

I have a serious love of teaching.

If you’ve ever seen me speak in person you have to admit, if nothing else, I am passionate.

When I’m up there I often am trying to burn as hot as I possibly can. If my heart burst while teaching because of over exertion I’d be OK with that.

I just feel like teaching allows me to give away everything I’ve amassed over my digital marketing career.

I feel like teaching is the biggest gift I can offer.

It’s taken me years and years and moments of real pain and suffering to learn what I can teach. I love giving it away.

As I get older I’m finding giving things away is an amazing feeling.

Giving is way better than getting. At age 45 I’ve truly internalized that understanding.

To that end, I’ve been appointed the chair of Project RISE Outreach. We help raise awareness of issues and causes that effect homeless kids in Akron.

And I’ve started my own charity: The Homeless Charity – Solving the Homeless Epidemic in America. One of our first projects is the Second Chance Store. 100% of the money made at that store goes to the homeless people running it.

I tell you those things just to make the point that I’m really serious about giving things away. My career is at a point where I’m more interested in being valuable than I am trying to collect value for myself.

I’ve actually never been overly attracted to the idea of making money. Other things have always interested me more.

On top of this I’ve always had a belief that information wants to be free.

We see it constantly with music, TV and movies.

I’ll never forget my doctor at the time telling me that he downloaded music all night long every night from Napster. He loved it.

Right now, More people are illegally downloading The Grand Tour than Game of Thrones.

We crave information. We are willing to do felon-level crime to make it happen.

But we are also seeing a great deal of information being freely given away… especially by universities.

edX | Free online courses from the world’s best universities

Coursera | Online Courses From Top Universities. Join for Free

FAQ: Free Courses | Harvard University

Stanford University • Free Online Courses and MOOCs | Class Central

Oxford University will offer free online courses in 2017

This is the future.

On top of it all, I like to consider myself a visionary. I like to be on the outer edge of where things are headed. So in many ways I’m behind on this process.

But the business world is still very much behind in offering free content. That’s because they have built entire businesses around having people pay for online content.

Universities don’t have this problem. They have other things to offer. If you pay to go to Harvard you get the experience of living at Harvard. And of course you also get the diploma. The value of a diploma is probably also on its way out. But that’s another story.

I simply don’t believe charging for online training is the future. Online training needs to be free and then money is made either through services or individualized training and consulting.

We see this most clearly with podcasting. Particularly with comedians.

Joe Rogan (Podcast Site)

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Podcast Archives – The Official Website of Bill Bur

These people create hundreds of podcast that often run several hours each. It’s not uncommon for them to put out 3 podcasts a week.

They then make money by touring (and getting sponsors for their podcasts).

The vast majority of content is totally free. But you pay for the special in-person content.

I believe this is how online educators need to think. Holding onto the content with a paywall is outdated thinking.

So with that, I’ve just opened up the SageRock Institute Online Marketing Training and Courses. They are now 100% totally free. And, if for some reason I change my mind, the people that get in for free will always get all the classes for free. But I don’t really see going back to a paid model any time soon.

So check it out. There are hundreds of hours of courses. You can watch them on your computer, tablet or phone. I’d like to make them podcasts at some point. But I’ve got to figure out how to pay for that. I’m planning on figuring it out.

You can check out all the courses on the home page here: Hundreds of Free Online Marketing Courses – SageRock Institute.

Or you can just register and get access by signing up here: Get Free Access to The SageRock Institute Marketing Training & Courses

My hope is that this information will help anyone who is interested in becoming more involved in the online marketing world. There is a lot of misinformation in this space. I’ve built a career on being ethical and creating the highest quality work I’m able to provide. Those values are reflected in how and what I teach.

You aren’t going to be lead down a path of dubious tactics and fringe strategies. The things I teach are all above the board and quality. I’m very proud of the reputation I’ve developed over the years in the online marketing community. I take that very seriously and am very conscious of what strategies I’m teaching.

So there you are. I hope you find the classes interesting.

If you want to discuss any of them please come hang out over at our Facebook Group: SageRock’s Small Business Online Marketing Group. You are welcome to ask questions there and get any further help you might need.

Have fun!


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