Internet Witchcraft – Greg launches a newsletter

So today I’m announcing a new newsletter: Internet Witchcraft.

Yes, I realize that Wednesday afternoon isn’t the best time to launch something new, but I don’t care. We work with the time we have 🙂


What is this and why would I sign up?

Internet Witchcraft is a weekly newsletter published each Wednesday directly to your inbox and curated by me, Greg Habermann. You see my job is technically doing online marketing, but it’s so much more than that. From developing websites, to staying up to date on tech and trends, to serving up ads or building up a CDN, my daily work is more like voodoo or witchcraft to most people. That’s where I came up with the name for the newsletter BTW. Catchy, eh?

So, I wanted a place were I could share all the cool stuff I come across with people who would actually enjoy it and benefit from it. I’m aiming to make it diverse, entertaining, and informative. Any feedback you have or questions you want answered in my next edition, just send it to: [email protected].


I’m tired of emails just using me for advertising or selling my info to anyone who asks.

I feel ya. I curate my Twitter feed to weed out crud and get 200+ emails a day. I don’t want to be just another email. I’m not selling you anything. I want to be something you look forward to reading every week. Remember when email first came out and we were all like.. “Hooray!! I never have to go to the Post Office again!!”?  Fast forward 20 years and you dread opening your Inbox in the morning? Yeah, well consider this a breath of fresh air for your daily gasp in a coffin.

  • It won’t be full of ads. If I link to something it’s cause I think it’s cool, not because some idiot gave me a nickel to promote it.
  • Signing up is free.
  • It only comes once a week on Wednesdays. Look for it.
  • I won’t give or sell your info to anyone.
  • No bait and switch.. just cool stuff.


I’m still not sure…

Sweet Lord you’re a hard sell. I’ll tell you what.. check out the 1st newsletter here: then subscribe using the form below or by CLICKING HERE.

See you on the other side!!

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