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Social Networking is about tapping into the collective consciousness of those around us. While we might hang in smaller circles, FAVRD uses that same approach on a more grand scale to expand our view.

So how do you determine who you follow on Twitter? If you’re like many of the people I’ve seen, you start by allowing Twitter to scan your email looking for your friends or sending invites. From there, many do searches on something that they feel is important to them like the name of their  hometown, industry terms, etc. No doubt these methods will find you people to follow, but they don’t take into account how often your people of interest post, what they talk about, or if they offer anything of any value to you at all.

I admit, I fell into amassing ‘friends’ the same way. Just to throw a wrench into it and mix it up a bit I’ve even spent a fair amount of time just watching the Twitter Public Timeline.  To date, that’s probably been my favorite way of finding people to follow. Still ends up being a crap shoot though and the list of people I follow could easily be culled by near half and I wouldn’t miss them at all.

Personally, I was tired of using Twitter just to get some industry news. Though it’s a valuable tool for that purpose, I didn’t want to think about search engine marketing 24 hours a day. I found that I more and more turned to Twitter in my downtime, a quick personal snapshot of any moment on any given day. I wanted laughter. I wanted tears. I wanted reality and humanity, not just some crappy RT list of the best of some SEO’s Google Reader.

That’s when I decided I needed to revamp my Twitter follow strategy. That’s when I found FAVRD.

What is FAVRD?

In short, FAVRD is a website that displays the most favorited Tweets on Twitter. OK, the logic is that the most humorous, amusing, inspiring and entertaining Tweets are the ones that are going to be favorited the most. On FAVRD you can see this happen in real-time, thus introducing you to some very grand and imaginative people. This has become my new way to build out my follow list and I must say, it’s been most rewarding.

FAVRD example post

How does FAVRD work?

If you look in the sidebar on any page on Twitter, you will see an option for Favorites. By clicking here, anyone can see what anyone else has marked as a Favorite Tweet.

If a Tweet gets marked as a favorite enough and FAVRD is watching the person who is selecting the Favorite (or the person who is being Favorited) then you’re in the stream and eligible to be on their daily leaderboard.

How do you sign up for FAVRD?

FAVRD is free to use and if you’re just looking for a fun list of interesting and imaginative people to follow then there’s absolutely nothing for you to do except go and start reading. If you want your Twitter Favorites votes to count toward the search and to increase your eligibility to show on the leaderboard then you must supply your Twitter username and password once on their site.  Eventually I would very much like to see them move to the OAuth protocol for this but only time will tell. They do state that it is possible that you may already included in their system, but since there is no way to verify this, adding yourself can’t hurt.


Social Networking is about tapping into the collective consciousness of those around us. While we might hang in smaller circles, FAVRD uses that same approach on a more grand scale to expand our view. Kudos to them for utilizing their creativity to bring such a unique approach to capturing such fleeting content.

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  1. Sign me up I want more honest people to follow and twitter me not just who will follow me and dump me the next day, or those who will dump me for my believes.

  2. I would like to know if there is a way to have only those tweet updates from people you are most interested in on a daily basis. Like just a certain group of favorites that will appear when you click on favorites with all the most recent tweets….I want to keep all I am following but would like to have a certain group I can pull up when I want.


  3. Hi Tony thanks for reading! Currently Twitter does not offer the option to group anyone together at all, including your regular timeline or your Twitter favorites. However, all is not lost for you but you will need to turn to a 3rd party app. You should check out Tweetdeck. It will let you create and view different groups without having to change who or how you follow. Hope this helps!

  4. I love this article. However, I am still trying to figure out how keep the executives from glossing over when I talk about moving marketing efforts away from the traditional tri-color brochure (which is expensive to print and impossible to update) to “showing off” the great accomplishments/outstanding services via social networks with real time information.

    My latest marketing plan wasn’t really a marketing plan; it was a media relations plan that builds exposure in appropriate social networking outlets.

    The response, well – lets just say, I was view as the dumb blond in the group.

  5. Hi CGR! I’m glad that you like the article. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to convince anyone of where they should focus their efforts and dollars. Marketing and PR are realms that are changing so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. This was not the case for years and years. Some things you might try:

    1. Showing the execs what their competitors are doing in these new spaces.
    2. Slowly trying to mix in online efforts with traditional media efforts. If you can show the effectiveness/cost of A/B then you’ll turn heads faster than you can imagine.
    3. Don’t give up! As social media becomes an ever more prevalent space the importance of having a presence in that space will slowly become obvious to stuffy late-adopters.

    It sounds, honestly, like your latest marketing plan was actually just that. It might not fit by traditional terms but this is a quickly changing game and you are spot on to try to keep your company moving in a forward direction.

    Stay strong!

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