Free 15 Minutes a Week Facebook Marketing Series


We have a new member of the 15 Broad St Center… Larry.I was telling him about the SageRock System under the guise of getting his feedback. But I really was just hoping he’d buy a membership.

But any way… I was telling him about the live coaching, the office hours, the on demand video library.

He listened closely and then said, “That’s cool. But it sounds like a pretty involved program. Do you have anything quick and easy.”

I immediately thought an email series where you got one tip each week would be very cool.

So I set it up. You can register for it on the form.

I decided to start with Facebook just because it’s the big behemoth in the room. But I’ll make others if you think they are cool.

Once a week you will get an email guiding you through the process of building a top notch Facebook business presence.

I’m setting it up so that you just do a little bit each week. Little by little you will make something that is very cool and very useful for your business.

Let me know what you think.


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