Facebook changed your Email Address – Fix It in 3 Steps!

Facebook has never been the best at letting people know of the changes they make to people’s accounts and settings. In fact, I would be willing to bet that most FB users don’t remember that they launched their own version of email back in 2010. Personally, I remember it. But other than the announcement and me swearing that I would never trust these people with my email, while at the same time questioning my faith in Google to do the same, I haven’t given it much thought.

Well here is your reminder and wake up call:

Facebook just removed your primary email address from your profile and replaced it with a @facebook.com email address.

Did they ask you? No.

Did they notify you? No.

If you are reading this then I would encourage you to share this story with your Facebook friends. You are likely in the minority of users who will even notice this before they realize that things are working very strangely and don’t know why.

Option #1 – Here is how to get your actual email address back on your profile page:

1) Visit your Timeline Page. Click on About, then Edit your Contact Info


2) Under Emails, you should see your actual Email Address, followed by your new Facebook Email address. You will see 2 icons next to this. The first shows who can see this (Public, Friends, Only Me) and the second shows whether this info is shown or hidden on your Timeline.

Choose Only Me from the first menu:

Choose Hidden from Timeline from the first menu:

3) Click “Save” and wait for it to save. This should take 1-10 seconds. If it doesn’t save properly, log out, clear your cookies and close your browser. Reopen your browser, log in and try again.

Option #2 – Permanent fix for your Facebook email address Hijacking

There is a secondary fix for Facebook taking over your email address in your profile. In our immediate fix we basically show you how to hide this from your friends and Timeline. In this sections we show you how to completely remove your Facebook email from your profile. We have had mixed results in our SageRock labs so your mileage may vary..

1) Select Account Settings

2) Regardless of what it says next to your Primary Email, click Edit.

3) Select “Remove” next to your Facebook email address. Enter your password and click “Save Changes”.

Many in our organization are saying that Option #2 is returning an error that looks something like:

Others are reporting that Option #2 for permanently removing your Facebook email address works just fine. As we mentioned, this may or may not work for you. Please let us know in the comments if you have any problems or any workarounds.

UPDATE: If you are having any errors with the any of the above Options, we have noticed that Firefox is displaying several errors while many users are able to complete the above with Google Chrome. Try a different browser to see if that helps!


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