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One thing I enjoy doing here at SageRock is writing Paid Search ads for the engines.  I find it challenging at times, which makes me more determined.  Writing ads isn’t like writing for me, it’s more like taking bits and pieces of information, then moving and configuring them.  I find this easier than writing.  This is probably why I am much more active in writing tweets rather than blog posts.  It’s different to write a line or two rather than well-thought out paragraphs.  These couple of lines must be well-thought out as well, but it’s a different process altogether for me.

How do I convey the message that this brand, this product, and this price are all the best ever within just 70 characters?  How do I grab a user’s attention with a title that is just 25 characters?  Sometimes it’s like a puzzle for me.  I take this information that typically focuses on the brand, features, benefits, and, sometimes, price.  Then I blend the bits and pieces together to form tidy little lines that send a clear and cohesive message that perform marketing miracles.

You also need to consider what keywords will be relating to this ad in the account.  The more relevant the ad is to the keyword, the better chance you have of ranking well for that keyword.  This is usually made easier if you break your Campaigns down into very specific Ad Groups allowing you to better target your ads.  Plus, keywords used to conduct a search will appear in bold font in your ad, highlighting its relevance to the user.  Relevancy is key here.  You want to rank well and you want to make sure you are what the user is looking for.  If you’re not, users with absolutely no interest in your products, services, or company will click on your ad, deplete your budget, and ultimately reduce your ROI.

Sometimes you may have to cut your message short to fit within the search engine ad limits, but it is usually possible to get the main points across.  This will capture the necessary people and then hopefully bring them to a landing page that can discuss in more detail all the pretty things you offer.

Photo “Pen and Paper” by Kristian D.

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