Content Marketing: Why Bother?


Content creation is a nuisance for many. It’s one of those marketing catch phrases now that leaves businesses wondering why we need another damn subcategory in the Marketing Plan when there’s already PR, online and offline Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Networking, etc.  

We frame it this way for clients… Content Marketing is an umbrella over the rest and represents an intentional approach to telling your company’s compelling story. It’s about asking, “What can I talk about that will interest people both in my community and beyond?”  It’s about having something to say (ideally that’s worth sharing).

Once the content ideas are in place, then you create the messages and push them out through all of the other above mentioned channels. Many may say, “We already do that. We talk about project launches. New customer service initiatives. Employment opportunities.” Those things count, but when marketers speak of Content Marketing, they’re talking about regularly scheduled conversations about topics beyond the company itself.  

This is why the go-to Content Marketing channel is The Blog. Ideally maintained with weekly articles, or really any consistent schedule, it gives voice to industry topics that matter and provides an opportunity for your company to add it’s own take or spin on the topic at hand. This, in turn, gives you something to talk about in Social Media, fuels spidering crawling for better SEO and reinforces your brand credibility for those researching companies or those who popped in off advertising initiatives.

If you’re about to claim you have nothing to say on a weekly basis, then ask yourself why would someone choose your company? Why would a client choose you over a competitor that is invested weekly in researching and forming opinions about their industry and addressing common questions and concerns clients face as they educate themselves?

Here at SageRock, we have never encountered a business that had nothing worth saying. From accountants to eco tourists, there is always interesting content to be considered and created. Don’t assume people don’t care about your industry. If you care about what you do for a living (and you should), then you can assume others will care too. And they will if you give them a reason.

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