Bing It On – Microsoft Throws Down the Gloves

Bing It On
Bing It On: Win, Lose, or Draw?

We’re not sure if you’ve heard of the latest marketing campaign by Microsoft or not but they have recently released “The Bing Challenge.” It’s also known by the catchphrase “Bing It On.”

Regardless of what you call it, it’s pretty straightforward and here at SageRock, we’ve decided to reward you for participating. (No, neither company is paying us to do this.)

The SageRock “Bing It On” Contest

Here’s the deal:

Bing wants you to use their search engine instead of using Google (duh), and is proposing to take it on one search at a time. You put in a search term, and Bing shows you two separate results: one from Google, one from Bing. You then are asked to choose which one you liked the best. The catch? You aren’t told which is which until the very end.

Want to Participate in the SageRock Contest?

Don’t worry, it’s very simple.  You are going to take the Bing Challenge with your own searches, but based around our suggestions. Why? For science! (or something) After you complete the Bing It On Challenge, take a screenshot of your final screen and send it to: [email protected]
The winner (chosen at random) will get either a Google or a Bing Coffee Mug, depending on their results*

Here’s the Step by Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Bing-It-On Challenge
  2. Enter your 5 Searches in this Order
      1. Your First and Last Name
      2. Name a Smell
      3. Any Search Engine
      4. Name of a Porn Star or an Illegal Drug
      5. Local Restaurant and city (example: Pizzeria Uno, Chicago)
    • Take a screenshot of your Bing It On results:

      SageRock Bing Challenge

    • Email the screenshot of your results to: [email protected]

    We will compile all entries into a blog post giving the results at the end of March. We will also give the winner(chosen at random) either a Google or a Bing coffee mug depending on what their results were.

    Best of luck to all of you!


    *The Winner will be chosen at random but we will combine all entries into a future Blog post to showcase the outcome and determine who the winner really is!



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