Analyzing #SESNY 2012 Tweeting Using TweetReach

I wanted to do this analysis for two reasons:

First: I was curious about the kind of reach Twitterers had during the recent Search Engine Strategies New York.

Second: I wanted to show you the kind of really sweet Twitter Metrics tools are out there using TweetReach.

Increasingly, trade shows and conferences are being heavily promoted using Twitter. If you don’t have a hash tag for your event you are likely missing out on a lot of really great free publicity.

The hash tag for SES New York is: #SESNY.

A hash tag is just a short set of letters that let you easily sort and find all the tweets on that topic in one place. Clicking on the link above will show you all the tweets for Search Engine Strategies New York.

  • It’s a great way to participate in the conference if you can’t actually be at the conference.
  • It’s a great way to keep up on sessions that you couldn’t attend because you were checking out another session.
  • It’s great for the show sponsor because your attendees become an amazing, massive public relations machine.
  • And it’s often great for the people doing the tweets because it gives them status as an industry expert.

There are now an increasing number of tools that let you analyze these tweets to understand the kind of reach you had during the show.

I was curious about this so I bought a report from TweetReach to see what the impact of Twitter was on the show, when people tweeted the most and who the big tweeters were for the show.

This is what I found:


TweetReach Overview of Search Engine Strategies New York

This first set of numbers is showing the kind of overall reach the tweets had that used the #sesny hash tag. You can see that 133,600 people were exposed to 8+ tweets!

But what you actually find is, this is the tip of the iceberg:

TweetReach #sesny activity report

This particular report shows the fact that this is only data that was captured on Thursday, Friday and Saturday… the tail-end of the conference.

I purchased the snapshot report that only shows up to 1500 tweets. This cost $20.

If I was managing the social campaigns for SES I would have purchased the ongoing TweetReach tool that gives you 1 tracker. This would have enabled me to capture all of the data. This package starts at $84/month. You can see all of their pricing here.

But even with this non-complete data set you can see the significant reach Twitter gave to the conference.

I would strongly recommend using a tool like this if you are running a conference. Then you could easily see the reach you have for each show.

But wait! There’s more…

It also shows you which tweeters had the greatest impact on the show. Here are the top 10:

TweetReach SES New York Tweeters with The Most Reach

This is a great list to understand. You would want to make sure these people came to all of your conferences.

They accounted for 1,952,719 of the 4,746,817 total impressions. And some of them only tweeted one time. Think what kind of reach you could have if they had posted more than one tweet!

But the key to stats is not looking at them in a vacuum. You always want to look at them in relation to something else – like your other shows and campaigns.

I strongly encourage you to utilize a tool like TweetReach for anything you are doing that would involve Twitter engagement. It should be standard issue for anyone running a trade show.

I have also uploaded the complete PDF and spreadsheet for you to download for free. I have no gateway that requires you to give me any information to download the reports. You can get them for free with no strings attached. That said… I’d love for you to consider following me on Twitter in return for taking the information. I don’t talk about my cats (much) on Twitter. I save that kind of stuff for Facebook. Twitter is my business channel. I use it for sharing business advice and marketing information.

You can find and follow me on Twitter here:

Here is the 81 page PDF TweetReach report for SES New York 2012.

Here is the complete Excel data TweetReach for SES New York 2012.


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