Airport Key Phrase Research – Where to begin

You are in one of those tricky industries.

Some people have very clear key phrases they want to come up for:

  • cleveland hvac
  • baltimore real estate
  • atlanta plumber

But airports are different… to an extent.

Yes: you need to come up for your primary city name + airport:

  • cleveland airport
  • baltimore airport
  • atlanta airport

If you are not coming up for your primary city plus the word airport please fix that!

I suspect that’s not your major issue. The issue you are going to have are phrases people are searching on that are related to your airport.

First, though, let’s look at what happens when I type in the word airport. Here is what my results look like when I’m logged into Google:

Now here is a search result where I’m logged out of Google and I’ve hidden my location:

Poor Google is just confused. It doesn’t know who I am and therefore doesn’t know what to serve me.

The point of this is that search results are going to vary wildly based on where a person is searching from and previous searches they have done.

You aren’t going to be able to easily spot check your results simply by typing a word or phrase into Google. The best way of monitoring this is by using Google’s Webmaster Tools. You will want to make sure you have verified your site in there. The query results data within there is going to give you your most accurate information on how often your site appears in the search results for a phrase and then how much traffic you are getting for that phrase.

There are a few things you should be aware of here:

First: Seriously consider buying the word “airport” in Google AdWords. Then geo-target where you want to serve it based on your service area. In the event someone types in the very general word “airport” you want to be sure you are there.

Second: Did you see all the Google+ results when I was logged in? Even if people are not going to Google+ to hang out, they will see the results in the search results. I would highly encourage you to have a Google+ page and then try to get your audience to add you to their circles.

Third: Local listings take up a lot of real estate. Make sure that you have verified your Google local listings page and that it’s built out with pictures and videos. I would also encourage you to get people to review you on your Google local listing. These elements all play an important part of having your local listing appear in search results. Also, by verifying your listing you will be able to see how much traffic is coming to you through Google local.

These are the very first things I would do to make sure your search engine optimization is on the right track.

Next time we are going to look at phrases you might not have considered to optimize for.


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