A Note To Airports Who Don’t Have Twitter Accounts

I definitely can understand why you don’t have a Twitter account for your airport.

I talk to a LOTof companies about social media. Common concerns are:

  • Who is going to have the time to update it?
  • What are the legal ramifications of talking about operations publicly?
  • What if people start saying mean, nasty things?
  • What if it becomes flooded with comments and we can’t keep up with it?
  • What good is it really going to do us anyway?
  • Isn’t this something just kids are doing?
  • We’re on Facebook. That’s good enough.

Usually people that aren’t doing some major part of social media will have one or more of these concerns.

I often like to compare social media to the phone. You could apply almost all of those statements to the phone. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if people said those very things about the phone when it came out. (I say these things about the phone to myself all the time.)

Imagine this scenario: A start-up airport comes to you and says: “We’re ready to open the first of next month. Everything is set up. But we decided we aren’t ready to install phones yet. A phone is a big commitment. We just don’t have the people power for it.”

What would you say to that person? In a kind way you might say, “Do you think that’s a good idea? People often times need to call into the airport for lost luggage, parking questions, rental car information. Things like that.”

“We’ve thought about that. But what if people start calling all the time? What if they start asking questions. Who is going to be responsible for answering them?”

You might still continue on the kind, considerate conversation. But deep down, wouldn’t you be thinking: “Deal with it!

This is where we are with Twitter.

You can no longer run an airport (or any business) without a Twitter account.

  • The media will use your Twitter account for monitoring updates, emergencies and press releases.
  • Your passengers will use it for delays, deals and cancellations.
  • You will communicate easily with other airports.

Twitter is beautiful because it requires being succinct. Brevity and getting to the point is more important than punctuation, spelling and niceties. It is pure information.

Twitter is also incredibly convenient. No matter what kind of device you have you can tweet. This includes non-smart phone devices. If you can text you can get a message out.

You don’t have to start with some giant, ambitious Twitter plan.

Just get a Twitter account and send out notifications of things you think the world would like to know about. Link to press releases you posted. Link to events you are having.

Just do it. The world wants you to.

If you have any questions on setting this up feel free to contact me, post a comment below, or hit me up on Twitter: twitter.com/sagerock



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