4 Tips for U.S. Airport Facebook Pages

A couple days ago I talked about the top 1o U.S. Airport Facebook pages based on Likes.

I loved doing that research because it gave me a great view of the airport Facebook landscape.

Here are some tips I collected as I went through this list:

  • Most of you have claimed your Facebook page. But some of you have not. Please claim your Facebook page now. You don’t want it sitting out there unclaimed. Potentially bad things could happen to it.
  • Some of you have multiple versions of your Facebook page out there. It wasn’t always clear which one was the best page. When doing a search on Facebook for “Los Angeles International Airport” you see this:

It’s very clear which of those pages is the main page. The others were setup by visitors to the airport. Los Angeles should ideally keep an eye on those and claim them and delete or merge them. It’s a bit of a hassle. But it would make Facebook look a little cleaner.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is less clear:

8009 people checked in at the Places page. Claiming and merging the “Page” with the “Places” page would make for a better experience for the visitor. The added issue here is that this is the Metro Station that people have checked into. The listing at the bottom is the airport with 662 check-ins. My feeling is that people are probably confused as to what page is what. Claiming these would make for a better user experience.

  • Understand the new Timeline format for pages. Here’s a good page on Facebook about Timeline for pages.  This has automatically happened to your pages. If you haven’t updated yours yet you will definitely want to.
  • Like it or not you all are on Facebook. I was just in a meeting yesterday where the company didn’t set up a Facebook page because they didn’t know what to put up there. That is no longer an option. Your employees and customers are automatically creating them for you. If you don’t claim your Facebook page you are giving your brand completely away to your audience. It’s not difficult to manage these pages. And you don’t have to be a Facebook guru. Just put up a few pictures and make it look semi-nice. That’s OK. For what it’s worth: We can help you with this as well. Just ask. 

Facebook is projected to reach 1 billion users by August. Not being engaged there is not an option any more. People expect you to be there. Just do it!

But for the most part most of you are doing some really great things on Facebook. I’m quite impressed.

If you need ideas of what to do just click through this top 10 list of pages. Pay attention to the ones that are getting the most engagement. Try to figure out why people are commenting, sharing and liking posts. These will give you some pretty good ideas for what you could do to have an awesome Facebook presence. You are in the company of some amazing online marketers.


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  1. Mr. Sage,

    While the information you have provided is fun and created an interesting story, I feel you should know that you have left out a number of airports using social media. The airports you have left out are both larger (number of annual pax) than many that you included, and also have a larger social media base.

    I appreciate that you have taken the time to think into airports and social media, but by choosing to leave out key players in the space, you have shown that your data, your posts are incorrect and misleading.

  2. Hi Victoria,

    That certainly wasn’t my intention. Are there some specifically you’d like me to discuss?

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