SageRock Google Analytics Event Tracking URL Builder

Use this for Asynchronous (standard) Google Analytics:


Use this for Universal Google Analytics:

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Google Analytics Event Tracking is a really powerful way to track things that were difficult or impossible to track with just standard Google Analytics code.

Some things might be:

Did people click on your Twitter button?

Did people download a pdf?

Did the blue "contact us" button get clicked more or did the lower placed red button?

Did your Facebook page link get clicked on your home page more or your blog more?

Google Analytics Event Tracking allows you to easily do all that and more.

There is nothing to set up in Google Analytics itself. You just tag the url of the item you want to track and Google Analytics will automatically track it for you.

You can find event tracking in the "Content" section of Google Analytics:

Event tracking is now also tied into Visitor Flow. So you can easily see many different things (like the source of referrers) in a very cool visual way. Like this:

Events are also tied into Google Analytics Goals now. So you can use events to powerfully measure the effectiveness of your site.

In short, Google Analytics Event Tracking is awesome!

The only problem has been that tagging the urls has been a little tedious. It's not difficult. But it's also not the easiest thing in the world to do.

The SageRock Google Analytics Event Tracking URL Builder hopes to make this process just a little bit easier so we all can more readily use this great Event Tracking feature in Google Analytics.

Using the tool is very simple. There are only 4 things you need to enter.

1. Enter the URL of the item you want to track. Your pdf, an external link, an internal like that has a couple different instances on the same page, etc.

2. Enter a Category. I try to organize all my Events by overarching categorys: Downloads, Social, On-site buttons. If you keep your categories organized it will make your Google Analytics reports flow nicely versus having a ton of random categories.

3. Enter an action. This could be "Click a button", "Click text link". It's any type of user interaction.

4. Enter a Label. This lets you see specifically what was interacted with. "Red top contact us button." "Facebook button on blog."

That's it! Click "Generate URL" and poof! You have a perfectly crafted url you can copy and paste into any page that will now automatically be tracked in Google Analytics Event Tracking.

The tool makes a complete url where the "Label" is the anchor text. But you can easily modify the anchor text by hand.

Simply put that html on your site and you are done.

Hopefully the SageRock Google Analytics Event Tracking URL Builder will make creating event urls easier so we'll all use them more.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments above.