Try Telling That To My Boss

This is something I hear occasionally at social media events I speak at.

“I believe in social media. But my boss doesn’t.”

I have 3 words for them:

Susan G. Komen

Still, as of March 7, David Edward Martin wrote: My friends and I still refuse to give any money to Komen Inc. Not one cent until the entire management team quits.

If that doesn’t inspire you here are two more words for you: Rush Limbaugh. That link has a 27 slide show exhibiting the public announcements of the companies that are no longer advertising on his show.

But if you think that’s nothing to worry about, maybe the Kony 2012 campaign will inspire you. It was invented to make one of the most wicked people on planet earth incredibly famous.

At 71 million views in a week, the video is one of the most viral videos of all time:

The Ugandan government now wants Kony “dead or alive.”

So here’s my message to your boss:

This is real. No one is immune. You listen to your customers. You give your customers what they want. Or else.

I don’t know how else to say it: Or else.

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Genna Newman
Genna Newman

I could not agree with this more. I'm a journalism/digital media student who recently converted my dad and his business into the Facebook age. I'm in the process of building his Facebook page and I used the Kony2012 video as an example for just how essential and vital social media can be. It really is amazing and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Sage Lewis
Sage Lewis

You are so right, Genna. People that underestimate the power of the common person has today are making a mistake. Thanks for writing and reading :)