Social Media Marketing and Women

They say the global recession is ending.  In fact, they say it’s over.  In fact, in fact, they say the world’s populace is turning this sinking ship around to calmer economic waters.

Maybe this is coming across as more optimistic than it ought to.  Most business owners would probably say current economic joy is bunk; although in an interview with Reuters (published September 3rd), chief economist for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Jorgen Elmeskov says, “Compared with expectations a few months ago, we now have a recovery which … may be coming a little earlier and it may be slightly stronger because financial conditions have improved more rapidly than we assumed a few months ago.”

According to the article, Global Recession Ending: OECD, “The OECD forecasts show a third-quarter return to annualized quarter-on-quarter growth in the United States of 1.6 percent, 1.1 percent in Japan, and 0.3 percent in the 16-country euro zone, led by its two largest economies, Germany and France.”

Yippee!  But…

A recent Performics’ study shows that consumers’ economic outlook is not so sunny; especially those of women.  A “2009 Online Buyer Economic Trend Study,” with data gathered from online shoppers from April to July of this year, shows an interesting division in household financial and overall/online spending plan sentiment between men and women.  In April, 53% of both men and women said their current economic status was worse than the same time a year before; by July, however, only 38% of men said the same, compared to 54% of women.  Essentially, women are growing less optimistic about their finances despite global trends reflecting an economic turn-around.

So what does this have to do with your online marketing?

The study reflected how the economic sentiments of women and men correlate to actual spending.

Women vs Men on Economy

When a business especially-reliant on a female customer-base conducts online sales, this is a marketing issue.  Oh, did I mention that another study came out this week?  When it comes to social media marketing, 75% of women are either uninfluenced by “brands hawking products” or are flat-out “turned-off,” according to a study released by Q Interactive’s Women’s Channel in partnership with adTech: Chicago.

Do social networking sites influence what you buy?

Ah, but a caveat!

According to Drew Ianni, chairman of programming for ad:tech Expositions, online marketing’s success or failure is reliant on the approach.

While brands seem to have such small influence within this space, which is relatively new territory for marketers, over half of the women surveyed have ‘befriended’ or ‘become a fan of’ at least one brand. This tells us there is a willingness among women to partner with brands in social media – but the current dialogue is not where it needs to be…The challenge becomes finding a meaningful, appreciated and successful presence and partnership.

When broaching an online campaign within the social space, your message must be more than just “Hey, come to our site and buy stuff.”  Instead, target the right audience, reflect thought, necessity, and personality, and never run a campaign for the sake of running a campaign.

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