SageRock Founder Hosting KeyPhrase Research Workshop for SES New York

March 5, 2009 – New York, NY: SageRock, Inc. Founder, Sage Lewis, is running the “Advanced KeyPhrase Research” workshop put on by Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo March 23 – 29, 2009 in New York City.

According to Lewis, “Key phrase research is a topic that is often viewed as a static entity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Key phrase research is as vibrant and dynamic as any other aspect of Web marketing. There are more cutting-edge tools than ever before to spy on competition, learn detailed search behavior metrics, focus on local data, and much more to best determine what phrases you should target.”

Research Highlights:

January 2008 / Hitwise top 10 search terms by category:

Category Phrase Percentage
IT Paypal 6.19 %
Auto Toyota 1.68 %
Movies Netflix 2.43%
Community MySpace 6.14%
Food Pizza Hut 2.63%
Medical Alli 0.61%
Blog Perez Hilton 0.22%
Media CNN 4.23%
Shopping Consumer Reports 0.26%
Travel 0.43%

Additionally, comScore has released data revealing search behavior that reflects sentiment about the economy in the United States. Searches for terms like coupons, unemployment and bankruptcy are experiencing triple digit growth.

Sage Lewis founded The Digital Marketing Agency SageRock Inc. SageRock has been a leader in online marketing since 1999 offering search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media marketing and analytics. A recognized expert in his field, Sage speaks nationally at conferences, tradeshows, and search marketing organizations. He is also an expert columnist for and a video commentator for and Sage’s dynamic speaking style and decade of expertise makes him a sought after session leader in the digital marketing industry.

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