How NOT to Use Pinterest

I’ve gotten my Pinterest invitation and, like many Pinterest users, am obsessed by it.

Pinterest now has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users, according to Inside

Pinterest is a new way of looking at the world is a highly visual way. It reaches you powerfully, emotionally. In a way that words really can’t. It makes you understand the saying, “a picture is worth a 1000 words.”

The key here is “emotion.”

97% of fans are women. That is crucial to understand. It won’t always be that way. But it will always have that soul.

It’s about loving things and sharing them. It is about creation. It is about empathy.

I can already feel the desire of businesses to start pinning all their products to Pinterest and then trying to compel people to “Pin It.”

The key here is to find the love in your business. Don’t look for the sale.

Every business has love.

Think Google Doodles.

Think DTS.

Think Intel.

Do not think Microsoft.

Do not think Walmart.

Find the love and show the love. Do not show the product. You are not selling a product. You are selling what the product gives your customers:

  • Prestige
  • Pride
  • Superiority
  • Excitement
  • Fortune
  • Happiness

Show those parts of your business on Pinterest.

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Sage Lewis
Sage Lewis

That's the exact correct philosophy. "Show the Love." It's truly a new way for businesses to talk. But I think they are starting to get it. Keep on keepin' on Susie! Thanks for writing. Sage

Susie Sharp
Susie Sharp

This is the same philosophy I use behind the postings made on 20 some Facebook business pages. Show the love and everything will fall in place. Posting 'buy my stuff' all the time is the best way to turn people off. Engage people's emotions and you'll win every time.