Microsoft adCenter Placement Reports

If you are a fan of Google’s Placement Performance reports, you may be interested in MSN’s version.  While running reports in Microsoft adCenter, I ran into this report that I had not before seen.  They call it the Publisher Placement Performance report.

Microsoft adCenter Publisher Placement Report

This report is very similar to the Placement Performance report that is available in Google AdWords.  This report allows you to see on what sites within their network your ads are showing.  This capability makes the content network advertising more manageable because it allows for more transparency.  This report breaks it down by Search and Content network.  In the content network results, I see my ads were showing on sites such as and  Under the search results, there are sites such as and listed. is listed because they use MSN listings as part of their search feature.  There are many different sites listed under each network type.

While running this report in one of our accounts, it allowed me to go back to May 13, 2009 to retrieve data for this report.  It was unable to gather any data before this time.

I highly recommend using this report to your advantage to see where your ads are showing, because this is a crucial component to the overall success of your campaign.  It offers an understanding as to which sites perform well and which ones fail to bring any conversions.

In my next post, I’ll discuss what to do with this information once you start running these reports.

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