In Chicago First Part Of Next Week

That’s me in a Chicago hotel. I’m actually going to be staying at this Airbnb:

But at any rate…

I’m teaching two sessions next week at the Online Marketing Institute Social, Mobile and Digital Marketing Bootcamp  in Chicago, IL.

It’s Wednesday, April 25. I’m excited about it because one of my sessions is going to be advanced Google Analytics. That’s going to be cool because we just launched the SageRock Google Analytics Event Tracking URL Builder. So I’m psyched to talk about that.

I’m also doing a session on avoiding social media stall out. That is a very common issue. So we’ll be coming up with ideas on that as well.

It’s not too late to get in on all the learning. And in fact, I have a 15% off discount code. It is: SLEWIS15

You can learn more about all of the OMI events here: Social, Mobile and Digital Marketing Boot Camp – March 23rd to May 18th 2012. I’m turning around and doing another one in Cleveland at the end of the week next week as well.

All that said: I’m going to be in Chicago all day Tuesday with nothing scheduled. If you would be interested in meeting with me to talk about your Web marketing I’d be happy to do so. Just let me know on Twitter or Facebook.

One way or another, maybe we’ll see each other next week in Chicago.



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