Holy Cow, I just won an award for an article I wrote!!

Best Internet/E-Magazine Article

Best Internet/E-Magazine Article

Check this out! I just got word that Yeager Airport in West Virginia submitted my article to the West Virginia of Tourism Commission for their annual awards. And the article won for Best Internet / E-Magazine Article.

This is the article:

Airport Facebook Pages – A #Sandy Center of Info

I featured Yeager Airport in that article. I covered a variety of airports and how they used Facebook to communicate during Hurricane Sandy.

It’s all pretty cool considering I’ve never won anything for something I’ve written. (Although, I have to admit I never thought of submitting my articles to contests.)

There are two points to this current article:

  1. I’m feeling quite smug and awesome.
  2. Think about posting your digital content to contests. It’s a great way to get more out of the work you’ve already done.


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Congrats, Sage! Award: won. Now you can go back to bed for the day!


Congratulations!  It is heartwarming to see you receive recognition like this.