Google Earth Place Pages

An addition to Google Maps as of this fall, Place Pages display expanded details about businesses and places people may come across during a map search.  Ever user-centric Google created Place Pages to provide the most relevant content, including pictures, reviews, and more.  If you are the owner of a business, however, Place Pages may be beneficial to you, as well.  You have the control to edit your business’s information, such as contact information and hours.  Now these Place Pages will be even more available as they are also being shown in Google Earth.

You can see these Place Pages when looking through Google Earth by clicking on a business or place and then clicking on “View More Information.”  This will bring up the Place Page with the extended information, pictures and more.

You will also notice Adsense ads are shown here.  The delivery of ads on this desktop application is an anomaly with Google, who has heretofore shown Adsense Ads solely on web-based applications.  There has been no word as to whether or not this policy will change.

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