Get out!

I just had a tea at an independent coffee shop while I was waiting for my bus.

The people working were very nice. But everything else was a series of roadblocks.

$5 minimum for a credit card purchase.

You had to ask for a key to get in the restroom.

Every table had an upright sign that said the tables were for paying guests only. It also said there was a 30 minute maximum stay at a table.

One sign had 30 crossed out and 20 was written above it.

I was there at 7:30 am. 2/3’s of the tables were empty. Not surprising.

The message was clear: You people are annoying the shit out of us.

When you get to that point in your business you have two options:

1. Get someone else to manage the store. Maybe you’ll enjoy working with employees more than customers.

2. Get a new line of work.

Dunkin’ Donuts next door was packed. There were no signs on their tables telling me anything other than to get some coffee and a donut. They gladly swiped my card for $2.20 (just like Starbucks does).

When you are an independent store going up against a national brand the only chance in hell you have of winning is being better than them.

Being worse is pointless.

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