Top 10 Social Media Advertising Tips

Yesterday I spoke at COSE on: Facebook, Twitter and Online Video – The Cheapest, Most Targeted Advertising You Will Ever Experience

It was a super fun event and the people were awesome.

At the event I gave away 10 Tips for Successful Social Media Advertisement.

This is an area of advertisement that behaves differently than other online advertisement. The goals and objectives should be potentially different than other channels you advertise in.

Because of that, I wanted to put together a list of 10 tips for successfully advertising in the realm of social media.

Here they are:

  1. Put this in your experimental budget. 
    If you dream of social media advertising making rich and famous and you’ll be retiring on the North Shore of Belize by the end of this quarter, you will probably be disappointed. You need to play with this and experiment with how it can work for you. But make no mistake: I can work for you, if you know what you are doing.
  2. Think “Engagement” not “Conversions”
    Social media is about you connecting with people. It’s about you making your relationship deeper with your target audience. Look at the ways people are engaging with your ads more than how your ads directly effect your sales.
  3. Understand the “Social Value” in Google Analytics
    Google Analytics does a nice job of helping you visualize how social media is effecting your Goals you have setup in Google Analytics. You can see how social media has assisted and also was the last interaction of your goal sets. The key here is having good goals set up in Google Analytics.
  4. Use Facebook Graph Search for market research to see who could be potential targets:
  5. I’m not sure “Promote an Important Post” works:
    It tells you that your post has been seen by X% because you promoted it. I’d rather see actual numbers. Try it if you want. But I’m really suspicious of the value.
  6. YouTube ads have 3 primary usages: Engagement, Call to Action, Remarketing. Test all of these to see which works best for you:
  7. Try targeting your YouTube Video ads by geography:
  8. Manually promote selected tweets:
    Don’t let Twitter automatically promote tweets for you. You likely will waste money on tweets that don’t matter to you.
  9. Consider marketing your videos through BrightRoll:
  10. Don’t sell product, make connections:


If you have some other tips for social media advertising I’d love to hear them. Just drop them in the comments below…

Here is the list on slideshare in PDF form:

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Facebook Personal Promoted Posts – Are They Worth It?

As a brand with a fan page on Facebook, you’re constantly competing with personal updates for News Feed presence. The offer of Promoted Posts for your brand offers you an advantage that you will quickly feel if you want to expand the reach that your brand posts have. In October, Facebook began offering personal users the option of promoting their own posts for $7 a piece. But the question remains.. is it worth it?

On the day that Facebook announced this feature, I tried it out. Here is my initial reaction [maybe NSFW]:

I should probably just stop this post here and let you figure the rest out on your own, but I won’t. Instead, here is how I arrived at the above conclusion:

1) Find a suitable and relevant image and post it on my wall. I chose.. Romney vs Anchorman

[view my original Facebook Post here]

This was during the 2nd Presidential Debate in 2012 and knowing that a large portion of my friends on FB were Democrats, it seemed like a funny and logical choice for a post.

2) Being very familiar with how fan page posts work, I decided to promote this for $7. (The current price for personal users on Facebook)

On viewing your newly posted Status Update, look near the bottom of your post and you will see the option to promote your post:

promote personal acebook post

3) The Billing Process

As soon as you click promote you are taken to a checkout screen that asks for your billing information. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here beyond what they show you at the end:

Facebook Promote an Important Post

facebook post promoted

Everything looks good so far, right? Just wait…

Facebook Promoted Post Credits

Facebook credits? What is this? For many people that play Zynga games (like Farmville) or other things that might charge on Facebook, perhaps this is a common screen. For me, however, I was like.. WTF is a Facebook credit?

Apparently my $7 had bought 70 Credits. So, every 10 credits is a dollar? Apparently that’s not the case and FB credits are actually a currency that fluctuates in value. You can read more about this here:

4) Aside from the value of Facebook credits, I was totally lost here. I figured that since I had essentially purchased an Ad on Facebook that this would show in my Facebook Ads Manager:

FB Ads Manager

But there was nothing there! NOTHING! NADA!

Instead, the only info you’ll find is in your billing information or in viewing how your post is actually doing now that you’ve promoted it.

5) So how did my post do after promotion? Was that $7 well spent?

Facebook Personal Promoted Post

Do you see that?

My post was shown 8.4x more times because it was promoted! Wait.. what?

“Promoted posts stay higher in news feed to help people notice them. So far, your post has had 8.4x as many views because you promoted it.”

As an advertiser, there are a ton of red flags that go off when looking at a results like this. Almost 10x more views seems good at first, but compared to what? How many people actually saw this post? How many would have seen it if I hadn’t promoted it? How engaged were these viewers? How many shares, comments, likes, etc. were directly related to the money that I spent? How long was it promoted for?

Well.. those answers are totally hidden. There is no room here for you to look at the dollar amount spent and how it helped you. Nothing. Seriously. Statistics are useless unless they are presented in a comparative manner and Facebook flat out refuses to give you this information.

The end result of a promoted, personal Facebook post is no better at all than any personal post that hasn’t put $7 in Facebook’s pocket. Would we recommend this for personal users? What do you think?

SpyFu – Deviously Fun!

SpyFu is my favorite of all tools:

SpyFu Keyword Spy Tool for Keyword Research | SEO Software & AdWords Tools

I like it because it’s deviously fun. Oh yeah. And it’s really helpful.

The gist of it is that you can type in a domain or key phrase and learn really cool things about that key phrase or domain.

So you can learn what key phrases that domain name is bidding on. You can learn what organic phrases they are ranking for.

Then you can compare 3 domains to see how each of them does organically and in paid search.

All of these reports are exportable. So you can take the phrases each of these companies are bidding on or ranking for and use them in your own campaigns.

You can also see what ads they are using and the history of the ads. So you can see what ads these companies are trying.

SpyFu is a fantastic tool for spying on your competitors and then using that data in your own campaigns.

So I decided to do an in-depth video on SpyFu this past Friday.

You can see that here:

I do a free show every Friday at 3:15 ET. We look at tools and the latest happenings in the Web marketing world.

You can register for free for that show, if you’d like here:

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