"SageRock and Company took the time to get to know us, saved us money and got our company on the first page in Google!"

− Connecticut Plastics

"I would have never guessed that I would now be one of the leading family law attorneys within my region when it comes to rankings on the search engines. I am extremely grateful for having found SageRock."

− Attorney Deborah Monaco

"I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sage Lewis rock the house on stage multiple times at many different events. If you’re looking for a speaker who knows how to engage and educate your audience about the in’s and out’s of online marketing and search, then Sage is your guy. I guarantee your audience will thank you for it."

− Jim Kukral

"I’ve known Sage for well over 5 years and he’s one of the best. He’s nationally recognized and his firm has helped organizations of all sizes get the most out of Google and search engine traffic. I recommend him to everyone when my services fail to fit for whatever reason."

− Joel Cheesman

"Thanks to @sagerock for an excellent day of SEO training yesterday! We’re getting ready to take our site to the next level."

− Adventist Midwest

"Energy, enthusiasm and pure subject mater expertise on marketing and the internet quickly exploded in creditability with the group. At first they were amazed at the intensity and then it became entertainment to watch them melt and convert to the insights, tips, tricks and doctrines that Sage carries with him. His ability to engage a group is uncanny. This is the real McCoy . . . er Sage Lewis"

− Kordell Norton

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Quite simply: we take the years of experience, the hundreds of clients (both big and small), the industry leading focus and bring it all to you.

We are obsessed with doing great work. There are no “junior” associates at SageRock. We are a small, elite team that has one goal: to make you successful.


Everything we do at SageRock is all about making you appear in the most important search engines of today. But what’s interesting is thinking about what constitutes a “search engine” these days. A very popular understanding in the search industry today is that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Way more search queries are done on YouTube than on Yahoo! or Bing.

Today, a search engine includes places like:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Search engines are everywhere. Based on your target audience we have you covered. These are the most popular services we offer today:

Search Engine Optimization

This is our foundation. We have been leaders in SEO since 1999. We see a lot of designers listing that they do SEO. It’s easy to drop those 3 letters on a product services page. But it’s a whole other thing to do it well (all the while not getting you banned from Google). Ask them what their Post Panda and Penguin strategy is today. We know what ours is.

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Link Building

We literally wrote the book on Link Building.

Link building is a huge area of massive failure for companies today. The Google Penguin Updates have all been around penalizing sites that have gone against the terms of service at Google when it comes to link building.

You need links if you are going to rank on search engines. You need links to generate any kind of traffic to your site.

We create link building campaigns that are successful and Google loves them.

Web Design

Unlike most designers, we come to design from one obsessed perspective: Make a Web site so hot people have no choice but to buy from you. And of course we track that for you to prove it worked.

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Marketing Strategy

We’re not some group of kids that just got out of college. We have worked with the largest companies in America. Are you big enough to get a senior strategist at a “big” agency? Or will you just be a testbed for some 24 year old that maybe (if you’re lucky) read about AdWords in college? We’re all senior strategists here at SageRock.

Paid Search

After SEO, paid search is our longest standing service (paid wasn’t really a thing when we first started). We have been shown entire buildings that have been built on the paid search work we’ve done. We would LOVE to show you some successes we’ve had with paid search campaigns we’ve run. Just ask.

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Banner Design & Display Media Buying

Display media is hotter than ever today with Facebook ads, retargeting ads and Google AdWords display media. We have made some killer banner ads. We can make you some sweet ads quick and cheap.

Retargeting, DSP’s, Real-time Bidding, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Social Paid Organic. We have you covered. Ask us to show you our results.

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Enterprise Digital Advertising

It’s not uncommon for a design company to fall into a “big fish” and have no idea how to handle their enterprise online strategy. We’ve worked with massive budgets, strategies and global companies since the beginning. We will happily show you our experience with enterprise digital campaigns and strategies. We’ve achieved great results for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is on fire.

Sage, our president, has been a track moderator at Content Marketing World since it began.

The key to good search engine optimization is having great content. We have extensive writing backgrounds and have done a ton of cool and creative content strategies for everyone from private schools to multi-national ball bearing conglomerates.

We can help you develop a powerful content marketing strategy that will get you to the top of Google and the other search engines. Additionally, the content we create will be compelling to your visitors so your conversion rate will increase.

Mobile App Development

Whether it’s a native app for Android or Mac or a Web-based mobile app we’ve got you covered. We have experience creating some pretty creative and interesting apps for a wide variety of clients. Apps give you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. We can help you look great and get more leads on mobile platforms.

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And More…

If you’re into all this we have a whole page that links to many other services, training and consulting we offer.

Just keep in mind that if you are looking for more leads, more sales at a better cost per conversion we are into it!

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The Book


#1 Best Selling Advertising Book at Amazon!

Sage Lewis: Amazon Top 100 Business & Investing Author.


The Core SageRock Team

Sage Lewis

Sage Lewis


Sage founded SageRock with his wife, Rocky, in 1999. He is a best selling author, teacher at Cleveland State University, and speaks at all the major industry conferences.

Greg Habermann

Greg Habermann


Greg makes things work at SageRock. We all would probably be homeless and unemployed were it not for Greg. He writes for Search Engine Watch. He is great at pretty much everything that SageRock does.

Denise Bellis

Denise Bellis

Director of Client Strategy

Denise is the grown-up at the office. She's professional, polished and has a deep agency background. She was a Partner and Director of Database Marketing at PrecisionDialogue, Director of e-Strategy at FutureNext, Chief Technology Officer at Vantage One (it goes on and on). We don't know why she works with us. But we're glad she does.

Rocky Lewis

Rocky Lewis

Senior Writer and Co-Owner

Rocky is the co-owner of SageRock. She is Sage's consigliere. She is the Roy to Walt Disney. You don't see her a lot. But she's there. Trust me. She's there. She is also a world-class writer. If she has time for your project you are in for a treat.

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SageRock - Best SEO Company. Best Use of Social Media
Best SEO Company. Best Use of Social Media

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SageRock Inc., was founded in 1999 to help clients engage customers across an ever expanding interactive marketplace. We do this through multiple channels such as search, social media, and vertical targeting; emerging digital opportunities such as mobile and rich media; behavioral targeting thorough email and dynamic engagement; and refinement of all initiatives through understanding usability and metrics.

By using a nationally experienced, independent marketing agency, our clients are able to navigate easily through this industry, take a holistic approach, leverage the right tools, and experience seamless implementation.


Any company can talk about themselves in glowing terms and flattering adjectives. Listen to and read what clients of SageRock have said over time. Click here for client video and written testimonials.

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